July Art Show Premiere "Dimensions" By Marie Conigliaro

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July Art Show Premiere   "Dimensions" By Marie Conigliaro
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July Art Show Premiere "Dimensions" By Marie Conigliaro says
Come celebrate your independence surrounded by creative and interesting people, delicious food, refreshing cocktails and exceptional art and join us the day after the Fourth for our art premiere "Dimenisions" by Marie Conigliaro. Let Marie whisk you away into another dimension with her art...you will not be disappointed!

"Marie Conigliaro's juxtaposition of images is a direct expression of the duality often experienced in day-to- day life.
A vital part of the human condition is the feeling of existing within multiple realities, with the capacity to encounter seemingly contradictory emotions, ideas or attitudes simultaneously. Such is the draw of surrealism, and artists such as Hieronymus Bosch or Pieter Bruegel, as they offer imagery and fantasy of an antiqued, dreamlike quality that left a definite impression on a young Marie. For her, collage is a depiction of the fragmented nature of the world we live in, but also of its togetherness.
Different and disjointed elements of this world and beyond can be brought together as one through this medium.
Conigliaro rarely sets out to produce specific artwork, though thematic threads inevitably emerge. Space and nature themes provide a natural, organic familiarity, while vintage materials spawn pieces of art with an aged look and feel; again, reclaiming something old and evolving it into something simplified and modern (yet another expression of duality and the transformation from one state to another). Relying mainly on intuition, Marie assimilates various elements to create an image that resonates with her in the moment. Often the results are
simple and quirky, but sometimes they contain a more sober, philosophical undertone. Either way, the work is complete when a strong connection is made with the image created."
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By: City, O' City