Leadership For Life A Neurosculpting® Approach (Available Online)

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Leadership For Life   A Neurosculpting® Approach (Available Online)
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Leadership For Life A Neurosculpting® Approach (Available Online) says
Whether we are leaders in community or we are leading ourselves, we are ALL responsible for navigating interpersonal situations. We are social animals. We thrive on human contact and have an evolutionary need to be around others, forming social groups outside of our own families. All of this requires us to be in touch with they way we lead ourselves with authenticity and integrity.

But when our place in a valued social group faces threats – real or imagined – the effects on us can be devastating. Studies have shown that threats to our social status – our sense of authority, our belief that we are being treated fairly, our feelings of being included - rank equal to threats to our physical safety in terms of anxiety and stress. And that's because our limbic system, the seat of our fight-or-flight reactions, draws no distinction between the two.

Join us in this introductory class where you'll learn the many ways in which our natural sense of leadership can be cultivated. We will go on guided Neurosculpting® meditations in which you'll practice skills that help you apply your natural sense of leadership to home life, business life, and in relationships. No experience necessary.
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By: Neurosculpting Institute