Operation Turkey Sandwich 2016 (Public Invite)

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Operation Turkey Sandwich 2016 (Public Invite)
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Operation Turkey Sandwich 2016 (Public Invite) says
Sign-up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b4fa8a723a57-operation1

This is our 8th year making Thanksgiving lunches to hand out to folks who have to work on Thanksgiving! Our annual goal is 1000 lunches!

We make fresh turkey sandwiches and put them in a lunch sack with mayo, mustard, salt & pepper, a pumpkin cookie and stuffing muffin. Each sack has a colorful sticker that says "It sucks you have to work on Thanksgiving. Operation: Turkey Sandwich. Brought to you by House for All Sinners and Saints". Then we go all over town handing them out to anyone who we find who is working. (7-11 clerks, bartenders, cops, bus drivers, strippers etc...)

You can help by cooking or baking; sponsoring loaves of bread; assembling lunches or driving around handing them out (super fun!) or donating money for supplies. You can also help by sharing this event with others who might want to make it happen. You can't imagine how grateful people are to have us suddenly show up at their workplace with Thanksgiving lunch!

You will find the information below on Sign-up Genius: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b4fa8a723a57-operation1

This year we need the following:
45 Turkeys

43 Bread Sponsors (2 loaves @ $6 total, each pair of loaves makes 26 sandwiches) **This is for funding the purchase of bread. The church will actually pick up the bread.**

47 Batches (2 dozen/batch!!) Stuffing Muffins

47 Batches (2 dozen/batch!!) Pumpkin Chocolate Bars

Donations for Supplies - Goal: $300

Set Up - 4
Arrive at 9:30 AM to help set up tables and other stuff needed to make OTS happen.

Bag Stuffer - 30
Drop in mustard, mayo, salt and pepper packets, cookies and muffins.

Sandwich Maker -15
Make turkey sandwiches and place in bags.

Runner - 8
Run bags from station to station

Sticker Putter - Kids!
Ideally kids will do this.

Lunch Deliverer – Lots!
Deliver sandwiches and blessing to folks working at various locations across the Denver area.

Bitter Ender - 5
Stay until 1PM to assist in tear down and clean up after this heavenly mischief

We can't wait to see you on Thanksgiving! Spread the word.
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By: House for All Sinners and Saints

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