Re Engaging The Therapeutic Community!

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Re Engaging The Therapeutic Community!
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Re Engaging The Therapeutic Community! says
But, HOW can I heal?!?

It is time for us all to know ourselves- what hurts us, what heals us, and all the little things in between, so that we can truly become WELL.

It has come to my attention in my clinical practice that most of what I do is EDUCATE the people by offering tools to become their own best healers, because I believe this is what we need! I have found that I always have SO MUCH MORE useful information to share about self-wellness, and community welless, than my time allows in my one-on-one sessions, especially as my patients are just beginning to open up to the knowledge of the complex web of experiences that creates our everyday reality of how we feel.

Re-Engaging The Therapeutic Community will be a weekly FREE event that offers, in simple and practical terms, lessons about the functionality of the body-mind-spirit-soul-community complex, as it applies to well-being, and tools to immediately apply to your life to begin to help yourself heal:) Like, "what herbs are good to take an intense cough or rash away so I don't have to take my 1 year-old to the emergency room?" or, "what can I do, right now, to help alleviate my excruciating back pain?" or, "I HATE MY PERIOD, HEEELPPP?!?!?" Or, "I always feel so heavy and unrested when I wake up, how do I change that?" Plus so much more! :)

This is a family event. It will begin with an activity, followed by a short lecture about some healthful theme (to be announced weekly), then Q&A from myself and other guest wellness-agents in our beautiful community. It will end in musical and community sharing time.

How exciting! Bring anyone you want! Come by yourself:) Just come with an open mind and heart ready to learn and teach and share and become your own wellness! Every Wednesday!

Thank you to the ever-supportive GypsyHouseCafe for offering this space for our shared learning and healing! Please carpool or take public transportation, as parking sometimes appears as a challenge, especially with all the Colorado new-comers... or, visualize your space, con ganas, and it will be waiting for you when you arrive:)

BOOM. See you Wednesday! :)
Eutimia Cruz Montoya, L.Ac. Dipl. OM. CYT, is a "Modern-day Medicine Woman" (Curandera Contemporanea), specializing in Chinese Medicine and Curanderismo. She is a dancer, singer, ceremonialist, Real Food Advocate and Food Systems Educator. She is a life-long practitioner of traditional amercian indigenous medicine ways and has been studying and practicing clinical Chinese Medicine since 2004. She has a degree in the Anthropological Sciences from Stanford University, a Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine, and is trained in multiple systems of westernized yoga asana. Her passion here on earth, in this incarnation, is "re-engaging the medicine muse within," or, reigniting each individual's personal agency in hir own well-being. Con ganas!! (With gusto!!)
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By: Muse In Medicine