Reclaiming The Sacred Feminine

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Reclaiming The Sacred Feminine
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Reclaiming The Sacred Feminine says
Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine:
A Shamanic Empowerment Workshop

WAKE UP your inner feminine and journey with her through all her faces to find true nourishment and inner fulfillment. Joseph Campbell said, “I don’t believe that people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” So often our Psyche’s health, happiness, and vitality suffer because our masculine ‘Yang’ aspect overly binds us, while the feminine ‘Yin’ or ‘being-ness’ is cast to the side. When the masculine dominates the psyche, we might feel depression, anxiety, or out of control, and enslaved by linear time. Every Psyche needs balance to truly thrive. Likewise, we need both our masculine and feminine energies to feel true wholeness.

Each aspect of the sacred feminine (virgin, seductress, mother, crone, grandmother) marks specific lessons, guidance, and tools that can repair, invigorate, and assist the Psyche toward luminous Self-Realization and balance. Through archetypal storytelling, historical insights, group discussion, asana, meditation, and astrological symbolism, we will begin to deepen our awareness of the sacred feminine principle working throughout our lives.

with Jenny Adams & Valerie Coward
5 Saturdays
October 8 to November 5

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Investment: $395
Early Bird: Save $30 by September 30
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By: ONE Yoga Denver

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