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Whitewater rafting in Fiji
Photograph: Tourism Fiji

Five adventures to have in Fiji

This South Pacific archipelago is where adventures start

Time Out in association with Fiji Tourism

If you are after an adventure-filled holiday, Fiji is the perfect destination. The archipelago offers more than 300 islands to explore, filled with palm-lined beaches, lush rainforest and coral reefs. 

There's always something to do, from exploring underwater caves to tackling raging rivers and even skydiving. A thrillseeker's paradise, Fiji is ideal for groups of friends who want to get off the beaten track and rack up once-in-a-lifetime experiences. There are plenty of remote corners to explore for those who want to hike up mountains and venture through untouched rainforest. 

Unforgettable Fiji experiences

Get your heart pumping on a zipline among the treetops just 35 minutes from the city of Nadi. Sleeping Giant Zipline has five different courses running through 35 acres of gorgeous rainforest, and you'll zip over rivers and waterfalls as you soar through the trees. The ziplines are suitable for children and adults, and you can buy a package to let you ride all five as much as you want. And they are, well, zippy – they can reach speeds of up to 40km/h and range from 80 metres to a whopping 160 metres. Ready to plant your feet on terra firma? When you're through zipping you can take a guided walk through the jungle to Orchid Falls. The falls empty into a refreshingly cold pool that's perfect for swimming, so make sure you bring your swimsuit. Relax in the pool and take in the sounds and sights of the jungle, from birds flitting between trees to vine-covered old-growth trees and wild coffee trees.

The Navua River, which snakes through the gorgeous highlands of Viti Levu, is perfect for whitewater rafting. Get your adrenaline working overtime as you tackle the heart-pounding rapids in some parts of the river, and drift along and take in the breathtaking scenery in calmer waters. The river runs through some of Fiji's most beautiful places, including past several remote villages. Herons, parrots and fruit bats are common sights on the river, and you'll pass countless waterfalls – at least 70, by some estimates. The trip will take you through several kilometres of deep, narrow cannon, where the walls are scarcely five metres apart and tower 40 metres above the boat. The all-day trip includes lunch at the water's edge, as well as plenty of action.


Avid hiker? Fiji has plenty of mountains to climb if you want to follow Mother Superior's advice, but none is more tantalising than Mount Tomanivi (sometimes called Mount Victoria), the tallest mountain in Fiji. It's 1,322 metres from base to summit, and it's home to the critically endangered red-throated lorikeet, as well as numerous other threatened bird species. The dormant volcano is quite steep in places and is a challenging climb, so the best way to make the most of your trek is to go on an overnight excursion with Talanoa Treks. You'll literally be walking through the clouds to reach the summit, and if it's a clear day you'll be able to see for kilometres from the top. Talanoa Treks has numerous options, depending on how many mountains you want to climb and how long you want to spend. The shortest trip is a one-night itinerary, and you'll spend the first day visiting a nearby waterfall and sleep at the base of the mountain to be ready to start your climb at 7am. 

Famous as one of the locations in the 1980 Brooke Shields film The Blue Lagoon, the Sawai-i-Lau Caves comprise three separate limestone chambers. The main cave is huge, with a deep pool perfect for swimming. The only catch: you'll have to dive under a rock overhang and swim through an underwater tunnel to get to it. But the water is always a pleasant 24 degrees and crystal clear, so the journey is as much an attraction as the destination. Because the caves are not easy to find, visiting as part of a tour is advised. 


It doesn't get more adventurous than hurtling yourself out of a plane in mid-flight, watching the islands below rush up to meet you, then pulling your parachute cord and drifting serenely back down to earth. Skydive Fiji will bring you up as high as 4,300 metres, and you'll be in freefall for a full minute (which will simultaneously feel like way too long and not nearly long enough). It's not cheap – the most expensive package is 830 Fijian dollars, about AUD$550 – but if you're an adrenaline junkie, this one is an absolute must-do for the bucket list. 

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