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Art inspired by Wes Anderson: Bad Dads VI

Taking fan art to the next level, the Bad Dads exhibition features over 70 works by Wes Anderson enthusiasts

Written by
Cath Clarke

We can thank (or blame) Wes Anderson for a generation of hipster-cool films. And he’s got fans so totally devoted they have Wes Anderson-themed weddings. So no surprise that there’s also an art show in the director’s honour – although you’ll have to go to New York to catch it. It's called 'Bad Dads' and started six years ago as a pop-up. This year’s show features over 70 Wes-works paying tribute to his films, from alternative posters to a portrait of a sad-looking Bill Murray with pink fish.

‘Bad Dads VI’ is at the Joseph Gross Gallery in New York, August 7–9 

Valentin Fischer, 'Jack Whitman'

Michael Ramstead, 'Steve Zissou'

Max Dalton, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Chelsea O'Byrne, 'Khaki Crusade'

Ivonna Buenrostro, 'What’s Wrong With You?'

Joshua Budich, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Kemi Mai, 'Suzy'

Meghan Stratman, 'Hot Box'

Dean Stuart, 'Make Yours Like Mine'

Matt Chase, 'The! Life! Aquatic!'

Tracie Ching, 'The Sugar Crab'

Martinne Johanna, 'Oh..Margot'

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