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Carlton LaFroyge, AKA Hindsight Lad
Carlton LaFroyge, AKA Hindsight Lad

Five Marvel Superheroes Too Rubbish To Join The Avengers

Raise a goblet to the superheroes too terrible for the big screen

Written by
Time Out Film

1. Hindsight Lad
Carlton LaFroyge is perhaps Marvel’s worst hero, not least for blackmailing his way into teen superhero posse, the New Warriors. Oh, and for having the incredibly stupid moniker ‘Hindsight Lad’. 

2. 3-D Man
An accident left a Nasa test pilot literally burned into a pair of glasses. When his brother focuses through those lenses, 3-D Man reappears and can fight for three hours. We’re not even making this up.

3. US 1
Ulysses Solomon Archer is a superhero who is also a truck driver. With a CB radio built into his brain. In space. And you thought Rocket Raccoon was a bit silly. 

4. Leather Boy
Yes, he has an actual leather fetish. Stick him in a superhero movie and it automatically gets an ‘18’ just for the chaps.

5. Grasshopper
There have been four Grasshoppers, and all were killed in the issues in which they were introduced. This is not a coincidence.

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