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Introducing Marine Vacth

Everything you need to know about the star of François Ozon’s kinky thriller ‘L’Amant Double’

Olly Richards
Written by
Olly Richards

Who is she?
A 27-year-old Parisian actress. She’s the lead in the very French, very camp and quite sexy thriller ‘L’Amant Double’ by François Ozon.

My French is bad. What’s that?
It means ‘double lover’. Vacth plays Chloé, a woman trying to solve a psychosomatic problem, who winds up having affairs with twin psychologists. It all gets quite bizarre. ‘Everyone interprets it differently,’ she says. ‘That’s what I loved when I first read the script.’

Affairs with twins?
Yes, it’s pretty racy. Makes ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ look quite beige. ‘The sexual scenes were all part of the story and the character,’ says Vacth. ‘It wasn’t gratuitous. The naked body is a costume for me. It’s not me naked, it’s the character.’

Have I seen her in anything?
If you’ve seen ‘Young & Beautiful’, another film by Ozon, then yes. In that she plays a teenage girl who becomes a sex worker. She was nominated for a César Award for it.

Where has she come from?
Vacth grew up in a family with no film connections and dropped into acting after becoming a model (she was talent-spotted in a branch of H&M in Paris). ‘I didn’t think I’d ever do anything special. As a child, I didn’t want to do anything in particular. I didn’t want to be a model. I didn’t think of becoming an actress… Now, I love it.’

Is she as fearless as she sounds?
Yes. ‘L’Amant Double’ opens with an extreme close-up of Chloé’s vagina. Vacth had to sit in a cinema at Cannes and watch it with a huge audience. ‘Watching that with an audience is quite something,’ she laughs. ‘It was funny sitting there realising the whole audience thought it was mine.’ It wasn’t. 

‘L’Amant Double’ opens Fri Jun 1.

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