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Muvico Rosemont 18

You can drink beer in the theater, but don't bother with the food.


Perched on the VIP balcony above the great unwashed in their “cheap” $10 seats while I stretch out in my double-wide love seat, I can’t help but feel a little superior. But the $8.50 extra I paid for the privilege of drinking $5.75 Newcastles, eating free popcorn (you get to pour your own liquid-gold butter), lying supine if I wanted to and getting shown to my seat by an usher as if I were 90 years old? Eh, not sure it’s worth it. The seats, while plenty wide, are still your typical firm-cushioned numbers with bouncy backs. Being able to bring in a brew feels oh-so European, but if you decide you want another (and believe me, by hour two of Avatar, you will), you’ll have to head to the concession stand—best to rock it frat-boy-style and buy a bucket of beers on ice before showtime. On the plus side, I got to select my seat online when I purchased tickets, so there’s no mad rush five minutes before the movie starts. The only positive thing I can say about the on-site restaurant, Bogart’s, is that the thoughtful staff will ask you what time your movie starts and do their damnedest to get you fed and out of there with plenty of time to spare. But when even my husband, who believes there is no such thing as inedible pizza, can’t force the over-cheesed, greasy pie down his gullet, you know the food deserves a Razzie. 9701 Bryn Mawr Ave, Rosemont (847-447-1030,

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