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Channing Tatum on Magic Mike XXL

Six reasons we're excited about ‘Magic Mike XXL’ in GIFs

Get ready to whoop; here's compelling evidence ‘Magic Mike XXL’ is well worth your shrieks of excitement

Written by
Cath Clarke
Laura Richards

This week, Channing Tatum is back shirtless on our screens in the 'Magic Mike' sequel, based on his own experiences as a teenage stripper. Sandra Bullock says she ovulates every time she watches the trailer. Diane Keaton calls Tatum her 'dream husband'. If you didn't submit to his charms first time around, take a look at this.

Six reasons we're excited about ‘Magic Mike XXL’

1. Channing Tatum grapples with his tool

2. Now he's chair voguing


3. Then he's back with his gang of baby-oiled bros

4. Look, he does deep too


5. And he's got Joe Manganiello to cool things down

6. Finally, because the first movie included...

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Magic Mike XXL
  • 3 out of 5 stars
  • Film
  • Comedy

Male strippers – those baby-oiled studs the colour of over-brewed tea with buttocks waxed smooth like two Granny Smiths in clingfilm – are so lame that no ’80s revival can give them a comeback. The miracle of Steven Soderbergh’s 2012 film ‘Magic Mike’ was how un-naff it was. Based on star Channing Tatum’s own experiences as a teenage stripper, it even had one bronzed pec in the real world. For the sequel, Tatum is once again the main attraction. 

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