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The 10 best celebrity cameos in Netflix hit ‘Call My Agent!’

From Juliette Binoche losing it at Cannes to Isabelle Huppert doing what it takes to be in every single film

Stephen A Russell

There has never been a more literal use of the French way of waving goodbye than the bittersweet finale of Netflix megahit Call My Agent!. As our Gallic friends say, ‘au revoir’, or ‘until we meet again’. And this glorious show, revolving around the personal travails of film star agents juggling their clients occasionally-crazed demands, left us wanting more of them all. Even scheming Matthias (Thibault de Montalembert).

We grew to love the agents of Paris’s ASK – Arlette, Camille, Gabriel, Sofia, Hervé, Hicham, Jean Gabin and co ­– and the indomitable Andréa most of all, as sublimely played by Camille Cottin. Call My Agent! is all about the camaraderie and internal clashes of this passionate bunch of agents committed, above all, to cinema. So much so, they’ll talk their celebrity clients into the best movie project, rather than the most cashed up.

But oh la la, those cinematic cameos! Here are the most jaw-dropping moments from a glittering array of guest stars more than happy to send themselves up in Call My Agent!’s admittedly loving way.

Here are ten moment that wowed us:

Isabelle Huppert injects herself

If you’ve ever wondered how the Oscar-nominated star of Elle manages to keep up a hectic film schedule spanning both sides of the Atlantic, racking up almost 150 performances since 1971, then Call My Agent!’s third season offers a wickedly hilarious suggestion. Two-timing directors blissfully unaware that she’s darting between their sets, she’s determined to do it all. So Huppert self-administers an adrenaline shot with a manic grin. But of course!

Juliette Binoche crashes at Cannes

A symbol of French elegance worldwide, from the Three Colours trilogy to collecting the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The English Patient, Binoche is the picture of grace. Except for this outstanding season two finale shot at the honest to goodness Cannes Film Festival. Fleeing a Harvey Weinstein-alike media mogul (smash the patriarchy) and desperate for the loo, she takes a tumble. It’s pretty much a disaster by the time she reaches the stage. But this is Binoche: so watch her pull it off.

West Bend

Sigourney Weaver shuts down ageism

The only non-French megastar to land a treasured cameo spot, leave it to the woman who once squared off against an angry alien queen to make it happen. Weaver is as glamorous as ever, squishes in a dance sequence and, in a stand on your sofa and applaud moment, destroys a producer with a simple truth. He can’t see her with megababe Gaspard Ulliel (sadly not included) because he’s too young. She serves up the cold hard truth at dinner, that cinema is creaking full of old dudes with young women.  

Charlotte Gainsbourg takes a tumble

Going one-up on Binoche, Nymphomaniac lead Charlotte Gainsbourg, another French star who’s just as recognisable for her English-language films, manages to take the ‘break a leg’ saying one step too far and actually do it after pretending to in order to get out of a dire sci-fi film shot by a best mate. And to totally rock it at the Césars ­– aka the French Oscars – in a spangly short suit paired with crutches.

West Bend

Jean Dujardin goes off-grid, and off plot

Nabbing an Oscar for his leading man turn in The Artist, Dujardin is also one of the funniest guest stars to grace Call My Agent!. Taking a Revenant-like role way too seriously, he’s unable to pull himself out of the method acting approach. Which leaves Andréa grappling with a stinking man gone wild instead of the debonaire dream his next director needs.

Isabelle Adjani hotwires some wheels

The other megastar Isabelle of French cinema rocks up in season two, and her alternate reality version is just as committed to the cause as Huppert. She is so set on landing a gig with German filmmaker that she’ll do anything to track him down. And that includes stealing a car, Fast and Furious-style.

West Bend

Monica Bellucci gets smoochy 

Speaking of older women who refuse to be hung out to dry, Bellucci is simply divine in her down-to-earth appearances (deux) in season three. We’re asked to believe that she’s too famous to score a date with a nice, normal guy who isn’t all about her celebrity. Which is why it’s absolutely gorgeous that she ends up falling for sweet, perma-rumpled agent Gabriel.

JoeyStarr goes all Dangerous Liaisons

The hunky rapper-turned-movie star best known for 22 Bullets rocks some seriously glam 18th century frock coat looks in this saucy season one episode that satirises the French reputation for making love not war. Mutually cranky with game co-star Julie Gayet, their constant bickering is tanking a big-budget period piece. That is, until they wind up rolling around in the hay in one steamy scene that sure thaws that cold war. Sacré bleu.

Sandrine Kiberlain really sucks at stand-up

Unlike the obsessive nature of Call My Agent!’s take on Huppert, Being 17 star Kiberlain has lost her passion for acting trade in the final season. When Gabriel takes her to a comedy club for a drink to get her back in the game, she decides to switch careers instead. Famous French comedian Muriel Robin is reluctantly recruited to teach her the ropes, mostly because they gang up against hapless Gabriel, but let’s just say the heckling that occurs is well-deserved. Insert grimace emoji here.

Norman Thavaud gets loaded

The show pokes a lot of good-humoured fun at the snobbery of cinema stalwarts lording it over the small screen (and of course has the last laugh given all these A-game cameos). But it takes the joke to another level in recruiting YouTube vlogger Norman Thavaud. Of course, the online star’s  angling for a movie role, and ASK money man Hicham seizes the opportunity to have him perform at his estranged son’s birthday party. It’s just that beta blockers and champagne are a terrible combination. Santé!

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