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  1. Monday

    ‘I start with a bracing walk to work, tuned into a Brazilian playlist on Spotify Premium to remind me of home. After a strong Brazilian coffee, I tackle the financial reports and check how the current releases are doing. Glad to see our own Artificial Eye release ‘Two Days, One Night’ is going so well. Dave Calhoun’s rave review in Time Out helped!’


    ‘A long afternoon of financial meetings – it’s great to have all my documents to hand on the OneDrive on my Lumia 930. Then a rare night at home on the sofa. I check out social media to see what filmgoers are commenting on: excitement’s brewing for our NT Live event for ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’

  2. Tuesday

    ‘I check my emails and weekly diary on my Lumia 930 on the way to work, so I’m sorted by the time I get into the office. I’m excited about our big planning meeting for the BFI London Film Festival in October. We’re hosting over 55 events this year at Curzon Mayfair, Soho and Chelsea.’

    ‘I head to Curzon Soho for a DocDays special event with Gilles Peterson, a screening of his documentary “Bam Bam Bam: The Story of Sonzeira”, followed by an audience Q&A and discussion. This is a match made in heaven for me: the chance to be able to promote Brazil and its culture in the UK. It’s great working with Gilles as he really understands our culture!’

  3. Wednesday

    ‘I head to the Odeon Leicester Square for the BFI London Film Festival press launch, unveiling the programme to the world for the first time! The countdown starts now – as usual, we are hosting a lot of gala screenings and events.’

    ‘I’m in editing mode as I finalise the last bits of copy for Curzon magazine, writing about all our special events. So many last-minute events have been confirmed that I’m struggling to fit it all in. I find the perfect stressbuster in an early-evening dance class before heading home.’

  4. Thursday

    ‘I check my emails on my phone on the way to work and see we’ve been offered an event with Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant. I quickly download the film on my phone and start watching it on my fiveinch HD screen. This could be big and I don’t want to miss out. The film looks good: now I need to act fast to secure the talent! This can often take days, but my phone bleeps to tell me I’ve received an email and it’s all confirmed. I’m happy!’

    ‘I head to the Renoir cinema, due to open in December as Curzon Bloomsbury. I feel quite emotional as this is the first time I’ve seen the progress since it closed in May for refurbishment and it’s all coming together nicely. I receive confirmation from LA that Harry Dean Stanton will be taking part in a Skype Q&A and start to get all the wheels in motion for the event.’

  5. Friday

    ‘I go to my regular Friday meeting with my boss Jason Wood, the director of programming, where we discuss all the films we’ve seen that week. There’s always a lively discourse and exchange of opinions, but we’re always guided by what our audiences want. I check the film reviews for the new releases this weekend – a good review can sometimes make or break a film for us.’

    ‘I check the social media support for our ‘Save the Curzon Chelsea’ campaign. Our cinema has been on the King’s Road since 1937 and is threatened with closure. The campaign has lots of high-profile supporters, including the National Theatre, New York Metropolitan Opera, Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits and Cherie Lunghi. Fingers crossed. Then I head to Soho for dinner with friends at the lovely 10 Greek Street, one of my favourite restaurants; I check reviews on my Lumia 930 to see what’s being recommended this week and think I’ll go for the sea bass. I’m starving!’

  6. Saturday

    ‘It’s sunny, so I head to my garden with a book and Spotify Premium. Time for my weekly catch-up with my family in Brazil. It’s amazing how social media and my Lumia 930 keep me connected, despite the miles. They can’t believe it’s sunny in London!’

    ‘I’m cooking for friends this evening, after researching recipes on my Lumia 930 and using the instant shopping list to buy ingredients. So easy! Dinner party for three deemed a success.’

  7. Sunday

    ‘An invigorating Pilates reformer session – I love it and always feel great afterwards. Then I head to the Hoxton Grill for a quick lunch with friends.’

    ‘I settle down for a marathon viewing session of four new documentaries to consider for our next season of programming, before I start packing. I’m heading off on holiday tomorrow to warmer climes. Let’s see if I can resist working while I’m away, but it doesn’t usually happen.’

  8. My week's three top pics

    Celebrating Brazilian culture
    ‘It’s so exciting when I get to promote a film from or about Brazil. DJ Gilles Peterson’s documentary “Bam Bam Bam” celebrates my country’s rich and diverse music styles: meeting Gilles was another box ticked for me.’

    At home with my DVD collection
    ‘I know it’s a bit like a busman’s holiday, but I do end up watching films when I’m not working, too. My DVD collection is an eclectic mix: everything from “Citizen Kane” and “Tokyo Story” to “Frances Ha” and “The Exorcist”.’

    A yellow splash of sunshine
    ‘I love this sunshine yellow nail varnish, it reminds me of the bright yellow on the Brazilian flag and it happens to go well with my Lumia 930. I painted my nails especially for the Gilles Peterson event – how’s that for attention to detail?’

A week in the life of Ana Santos

Meet Curzon's bossa nova movie queen and find out what goes on in her world


Red carpet moments at premieres, mingling with actors and directors, having a little black book of contact numbers to die for – for any film lover, Ana Santos, head of public events and alternative content at Curzon, has a dream job. ‘I’m responsible for our one-off programming, from Q&As with directors to documentary strands, festivals, opera, ballet and theatre,’ she explains.

For Ana, life is a constant show reel of movies, showbiz parties and film festivals, but there’s a lot more to it than pure glitz. ‘Being paid to watch films sounds glamorous, but the job has plenty of unglamorous stuff too,’ says Ana. After graduating in law, Brazilian-Italian Ana vowed never to work in the field again, taking up an MA in world cinema at the University of Leeds. Now she finds her law background comes in handy when she has to go through the nitty-gritty of contracts and grapple with intellectual property.

Ana is often working on the go, using her Lumia 930 to check the stats for new screenings, watch a new movie or send urgent emails. The only downside of her non-stop schedule is that there’s scant time for a social life, with nights and weekends often filled by work events, though as most of her friends are in the film industry, they understand.
Browse through the slideshow to take a sneaky peek behind the scenes and see how Ana juggles a hectic round of film screenings, special events and mixing with the movie stars and directors, from Monday through to Sunday. After you've got the lowdown on her busy week, you can also discover Ana's industry insider tips including film events to look out for and her favourite film directors.

Ana's favourite features on the Lumia 930

Southbank Centre
  • Things to do
  • Cultural centres
  • South Bank

Staying in sync ‘I’m always out and about at meetings or events, so it’s vital that I can access all my documents from my phone. OneDrive syncs my computer with my Lumia 930, which means I can swap files between them, my files are always up to date and I don’t lose any changes. This week is full of important meetings, so having everything to hand is a godsend.’

A bigger screen ‘In my job I have to watch a lot of films, documentaries and show reels. It’s great to be able to download a movie on my Lumia 930, and the quality of the five-inch HD screen is really amazing. When I have the luxury of being able to watch films from home I love the Screen Projection feature, which mirrors my phone’s screen onto a TV, monitor or projector. It gives me the cinematic experience even when I’m sat on my sofa.’

Personalised home screen ‘I’ve customised my home screen with some of my favourite images that remind me of home. As I attend a lot of meetings and events that can become quite noisy it’s great to be able to glance at the screen and see if I have any new emails or notifications on social media. It’s also easy to create contact groups for family and best friends and then pin them to my screen for easy access – it helps me keep tabs on what they’re all up to.’

Apps for buffs ‘Want to stay up-to-date with the most talked-about dramas and documentaries on TV, with no compromise to your social life? With apps like ITV Player, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Flixster and Xbox Video, you can catch up on your favourite programmes, at any time to suit you – even when you're on the go! For film buffs, IMDB is also an indispensable resource for all the latest movie news and reviews, as well as information on classic and arthouse movies. You can also check out previews and red carpet reportage from the hottest international film festivals and premieres’

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