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Zoë Kravitz: ‘I tried to do spells to make a boy like me in sixth grade'

The 'Fantastic Beasts' star on awkward green-screen scenes, being obsessed with the Harry Potter books as a kid and getting to visit Hogwarts

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

Were you obsessed with Harry Potter as a kid?
‘It was one of the first books that I read on my own. I remember the first book coming out and the sensation all over my school and me begging my mum to buy me this book. She was just happy that I wanted a book. I remember waiting in line at the bookstore for the new one.’

Is it awkward filming green-screen scenes?
‘Green-screen is always funny. It’s awkward because there’s nothing there but you have to commit 100 percent. There was a moment where me and Eddie are battling something that’s not really there and we’re making grunting sounds. I remember watching playback and thinking: If they don’t put something here, we look so crazy.’

Did you get to go to Hogwarts for this film?
‘I got to go to Hogwarts! It was amazing. I read this book when I was a kid and saw it all so clearly and I so badly wanted to be at this school and now I’m here and seeing students of Hogwarts with their wands, capes and owls. It’s surreal. I feel like a dream came true.’

Which of the cast is most obsessed with Harry Potter?
‘Ezra. He knows everything. I’ve never seen him be stumped.’

Did you ever turn to him for an explainer?
‘All the time. The world is so complex. A lot of the time I had to say, “Okay what’s this?” It’s crazy that there’s an answer for everything.’

If you had Newt’s magical suitcase, where would it take you?
‘I genuinely want to go where all his creatures are. That’s the coolest. If that could be real, I’d be very happy. I’m happy in a dog park, so his suitcase would be like heaven for me.’

Did you believe in magic when you were a kid?
‘A hundred percent. I had a book about magic that I was very into and I tried to do spells. I tried to make a boy like me in sixth grade. It did not work. Maybe that’s for the best.’

Have you got any favourite places in London?
‘Indian food is so good here. I love Dishoom but it’s so busy.’

What would your own fantastic beast look like?
‘Something cute, fuzzy and adorable that could fit in my pocket. Pickett is frickin’ cute so maybe something like that. And its magic power would be… Maybe it could cook food for me? A very cute little creature that made you dinner.’

It could cook you Dishoom’s black lentil dal.
‘Oh my God, yes! A niffler that makes Indian food.’

If you got a glimpse into the wizarding world, how would you react?
‘I think I’d want to stay. It’s so much more fun than our world. How could you go back? I’d try to move in.’

Would you be freaked out?
‘No, I’d be stoked. I’d be like, I knew it!’

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