A Chump at Oxford

Film, Comedy
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Not so much a parody of the nonsensically moralising A Yank at Oxford as an amiable shaggy-dog romp through the usual Laurel and Hardy routines. It doesn't really matter very much that it takes place at Oxford University (this is not exactly a biting social satire); rather it's the usual collection of slow but delightful set pieces in which the duo are confused by the niceties of normal civilised behaviour. The best moments see Stan and Ollie chaotically in service as butler and maid, and Stan's marvellous transformation, by amnesia, into an aristocratic twit.

Release details

Duration: 63 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Alfred Goulding
Screenwriter: Charles Rogers, Felix Adler, Harry Langdon
Cast: Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Wilfred Lucas
Forrester Harvey
James Finlayson
Anita Garvin
Peter Cushing