Heaven Can Wait

Film, Comedy
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Heaven Can Wait
Classic Lubitsch, disarmingly light in tone but in fact quite astute in its social and sexual satire. Ameche plays Henry Van Cleeve, a dandy who pitches up in Hell believing his past sex life in the naughty Nineties qualifies him admirably for eternal damnation; but as he recounts his story, he emerges as a kindly and sympathetic man. Tierney plays the faultless wife, and Lubitsch handles the whole delightful business with characteristic delicacy. The bonus is the brilliant Technicolor photography which shows off Basevi and Fuller's marvellous decor for Hell to memorable advantage.

Release details

Duration: 112 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Screenwriter: Samson Raphaelson
Cast: Signe Hasso
Charles Coburn
Gene Tierney
Louis Calhern
Eugene Pallette
Don Ameche
Spring Byington
Laird Cregar
Allyn Joslyn
Marjorie Main