See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Film, Comedy
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Pryor is blind, Wilder is deaf. Together they witness a murder, become principal suspects, and are threatened by the real killers: you can probably work out the rest for yourself. Given it's a comedy, you might imagine a scene in which the blind man drives a car, and you'd be right. You might imagine a fight in which the blind man does the punching, following instructions from his sighted pal; right again. Pryor is his usual loudmouth self; Wilder is in shy, sensitive mode. There's a resolutely untouching scene in which the pair discuss their relative philosophies for dealing with disability, but otherwise it's a long, painfully unfunny series of things being smashed up and fallen over. Worst of all, the male villain has the most embarrassing 'English' accent heard in many a long year, old chap, don't you know.

Release details

Duration: 102 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Arthur Hiller
Screenwriter: Earl Barret, Arne Sultan, Eliot Wald, Andrew Kurtzman, Gene Wilder
Cast: Richard Pryor
Gene Wilder
Joan Severance
Kevin Spacey
Alan North
Anthony Zerbe
Louis Giambalvo
Kirsten Childs