Ecstatic Dance Evolution ~ Dance Through It~ Ma Bella

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Ecstatic Dance Evolution ~ Dance Through It~ Ma Bella
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Ecstatic Dance Evolution ~ Dance Through It~ Ma Bella says
Houston's freeform Ecstatic Dance Community! Dance. Play. Sweat. Pray. Details:

before warm up, no extra charge, please be on time.

Dance Through It

Have you ever just wanted to find a shortcut on the journey to achieving your goals and inspired dreams? Pass over the struggle, the heartache, the worry or fear? The bitter-sweet truth is that there are NO shortcuts on the journey to that beautiful, joyful place of our hearts’ desires. No matter what we are longing for, or working towards, we have to walk through it, (and face some not so easy stuff) to get to it!

I longed to be a mother. There was no shortcut to my baby boy and girl; I had to go through morning sickness, through long painful hours of labor. You want the perfect love story? Well you have to go through all the fights; there is no shortcut for forging deep sacred love. When we suffer from great loss there is no shortcut to healing a broken heart and moving on; you just have to keep walking through it to get to it.

At Ecstatic Dance Evolution, we choose to Dance Through It! We get to practice surrendering to life’s difficulties. Surrendering to the musical program, we accept what we bring to the dance and we move through it no matter how uncomfortable or challenging it may feel. We know we are free to choose to “dance through it” even when we might want to sit it out. We dance with our fears, dance with our mending hearts and bodies. In the end, we may end up on the floor weary and tired, maybe a little sore from the struggle, but we find our bliss. On our journey towards our bliss, be it on the dance floor or out in the world; we can’t go over it, can’t go under it, can’t go around it. We have to go through it, to get to it and Thrive! And what better way to get to it than to dance through it!
Ma Bella
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