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June 24th @ 7PM
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“Quest,” the debut documentary feature debut from director Jonathan Olshefski, is an intimate portrait of an African-American family living in North Philadelphia. The director filmed the Rainey family for nearly eight years, capturing their struggles big and small, in a neighborhood riddled with the same issues of inequality and neglect that plagues so much of America’s urban landscape.

What’s interesting is Olshefski didn’t set out to make a film; he wasn’t even a filmmaker. He was a photographer drawn to shooting Christopher “Quest” Rainey’s small recording studio and his collective of local hip-hop artists.

ABOUT DIRECTOR: IndieWire recently asked the director to tell them about how his relationship with the Rainey family and the project has evolved since he started taking photos of them more than 10 years ago.

"In 2006,I had no interest in documentary film, but I was experimenting with documentary photography. I was teaching a photography class to adults in North Philadelphia in partnership with an amazing organization called New Jerusalem Now. One day after class one of my students, James, said, “My brother runs a music studio out of his house a few blocks away. Do you want to meet?”

The next thing I know, we are knocking on the door and Christopher Rainey (“Quest”) answers and gives his brother a weird look—something like, “Why are you bringing this white guy with a camera to my house”? I didn’t think much of the interaction, but a few months later Quest invited me to come back to the studio to take some photos of the guys recording to promote their work.

I soon learned that Quest didn’t make his living from the studio. He paid the bills delivering circulars (coupons/advertisements). I was working construction at the time while doing art on the side. I really felt a connection then and thought that it would be really interesting to do a photo essay that would parallel the working life vs. the creative life. That’s when I began following him on his paper route."

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