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Sun Thieves * 72 Names * Slang * Metanoia
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Sun Thieves * 72 Names * Slang * Metanoia says
Sun Thieves (Houston, TX)

Sun Thieves was concieved the night of Halloween 2012 and has been working ever since. When we have to label our sound we prefer to say Alternative Funk but when we write songs we dont go for a genre, we go for what we want to write! The lead singer/bassist (Chris Ranew) and drummer (Scotty Barnes) have been part of Sun Thieves since conception but it wasnt until June of 2013 that they met their guitar player (Ik Muoneke). Ever since meeting him they have been creating and growing musically as a band with no stopping in sight! They were writing music and playing small shows but they were missing something. Through everyones personal problems and life itself it was hard to focus on the right direction for the band, but luckily they found their manager (Dillon Garcia) which who has proven to be very beneficial! With his help they have started reaching a bigger audience and have picked up more shows and our continuing to grow! We hope you enjoy our music because it comes from the heart and we hope you become a fan! Thankyou!

72Names (Houston, TX)

Bands are created for infinite reasons and sometimes out of cosmic “mistakes.” Because of these human alignments our planet has experienced life changing bands

-like the favorites you may have.-

As any coalition ever manifested, we believe 72Names is one of those inspiring alignments. Our life’s preferences (Music, Art, Philosophy, etc.) differ so much, that there has to be a place in creation where talents and powers this massive can dance forever...

Art can’t be rushed and Art must reflect the world where it lives in order to truthfully affect the spirit of searching minds. Art must transcend its creator; help him/her achieve new levels of knowledge, inner peace, sanity, and challenge. Art must also help a seeker find rooms for exploration. Art should point the way and allow to play.

Music as Art has the role of exposing a world where love and peace walk down a thin line with sorrow and chaos. A world where all possibilities are open. A world where at the end of the line, at the mark of the last sound, YOU are in control of the now.

...Allow our guitars to enchant you, allow our bass lines to thrust you, give in to the power of our drums... Art is not about what’s said. Art is about how it’s said.

Slang(Atlanta, GA)

Metanoia (Houston, TX)


Meta - to change
noia - mind

Metanoia is the journey we go on that changes our minds, hearts, and selves.
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By: Rudyard's British Pub

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