Capturing History: The Photography of Chim

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Capturing History:The Photography of Chim
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Admire the impassioned talent and ponder the immense impact of one of the 20th century’s best political photojournalists

David Seymour, professionally known as Chim, was a pioneer in the golden age of political photojournalism. His depictions of the Spanish Civil War, devastated Europe after WWII, and Israel’s first years as a state reached further across the world than most images ever before. His photography exposed people to situations once far outside their reach, bringing international issues into people’s homes and consciousness. Greatly influencing the way citizens across the globe perceive the world, Chim’s iconic photographs helped form the collective memory of the 20th century. One of the exhibition’s highlights includes his remarkable shots of young Israel, his personal items, and each photo’s “technical expertise and visual intuition, but also the compassion, humanism and optimism that characterize his work.” Head to the Museum of the Jewish People this Spring for an intriguing retrospective glance into how we formed our perception of history and the way we see our world today.


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