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Publisher, Yuval Sigler

Editor-in-Chief, Dalit Nemirovsky

Editor, Elianna Bar-El

Deputy Editor, Jennifer Greenberg

Producer, Sol Gruffy

Production Assistant, David Benardete

Art Director, Leor Gal

Managing Director, Yehuda Rind

Chief Digital Officer, Alex Polonsky

Head of Digital Strategy, Marianna Benenson

VP Production and Distribution, Dotan Shoham

VP Business Development, Lital Askatlan-Weintrob

Production Manager, Netanel Barsheshet

Head of Advertising, Gali Dor-Sikes (+972-3-7111013)


Renee H

You guys are way out of date. Naomi vintage closed almost a year ago! Keep up!

Benjamin R


Do you keep a library of classical recordings, either on vinyl or CDs?  How large is it and do you want more CDs?


Benjamin Roth-Aroni

Jeremy A

How can I add an event to your listings??


We used to get Time Out in London and elsewhere to see at-a-glance what was happening in that city.  Have you given up on that idea?