Simple Action

Dance, Contemporary and experimental
Simple Action
© Tamar Lam

Yasmeen Godder explores spectatorship and immersion through award-winning choreography

In the work that won Yasmeen Godder her title through DanceTalk as Israel’s “best choreographer of 2017,” Godder and her company investigate performance as a means of connecting audience members to themselves and the performers, both individually and as a whole. She uses emotionally engaging themes like empathy, understanding, identity, and sensory experience, ingraining them into the piece’s structure. The work is also inspired by Stabat Mater, a well-known Christian hymn, which Tomer Damsky reconstructed into a hypnotic original to play live, deepening the immersive quality of the performance. Before Godder and her company leave to perform in Germany this June, don’t miss what critics exclaim to be "deep, spiritual, humanistic and moving,” with “a sweeping quality of rare and highly complex simplicity".


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