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How to wing it with the Booking Now app

Booking Now is the new app that's the easiest way to book a room when you need it right away. Tap, tap, you're booked!

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Your search uses your location to find the perfect room nearby based on your preferences – just one tap can show you the best rates at nearby hotels for that night.

Sync plans between your phone, computer and tablet.

Save confirmation details offline on your phone so you don’t need the internet or a printer when you arrive.

Change your plans while you’re already on your trip.

Use app’s maps to find where you’ve booked.

Download the Booking Now iOS app at the App Store now - the Android version is coming mid-July.

The app is in the palm of your hand for when you need accommodation for a later date. Download the iOS app at the App Store or download the Android app at the Google Play store now.


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