17 Again

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17 Again
Updating the traditions of bodyswap comedy for teens weaned on ‘High School Musical’, this is light, forgettable but surprisingly well-constructed multiplex fodder. Fired from his job and on the verge of losing his family, middle-aged Mike O’Donnell (Matthew Perry) dreams of the days when he was a high school basketball star. But when an encounter with a janitor transforms him into his 17-year-old self (a winning turn from Zac Efron, below), he finds that life as a teenager isn’t how he remembered it.

With its monochrome morality, nerds v jocks characterisation and narrative nods to John Hughes, this is so ’80s that one expects Judge Reinhold to wander in. But the leads are charming, the comedy well judged and the script, however predictable, sure-footed, playing on notions of midlife nostalgia with grace and integrity.

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Rated: 12A
Release date: Friday April 10 2009
Duration: 102 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Burr Steers
Screenwriter: Jason Filardi
Cast: Zac Efron
Leslie Mann
Thomas Lennon
Matthew Perry
Michelle Trachtenberg
Sterling Knight
Melora Hardin

Average User Rating

4.7 / 5

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  • 5 star:67
  • 4 star:8
  • 3 star:4
  • 2 star:1
  • 1 star:0
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This was a great movie. It really takes you back to when you are a teen falling in love 4 the first time. I also have 2 teenage kids and I feel the same way as a father. Great movie, script, and actors

OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING !!!!!!! much better than hsm !!!!!!!!!

Loved it. Expected it too be dull and predictable, it turned out to be funny, interesting, engaging and predictable. Thumbs up to Matthew Perry and Zac Efron. Zac Efron is such a good actor, (i never knew that) , really has a strong prescence even tho he is so good looking and he's sexy as hell. Wouldnt mind seeing it again.

it is a great movie. I didn't expect there are going to be a very touching moment (because there are Zac Efron) but surprisingly, he managed to play his character very well

was really good film, very funny. If u liked Big or 13 Going on 30 you'll like this too :)

This was a great film.loved it so funny. I went to see this film with my little girl and my sis..we all found areselfs laughing all the way though it..and all the way home..great film..

OMG best film ever and Zac cute as ever.I'm deffo buying it on DVD . And if u don't see it u will regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was so funny if your wonderin if 2 c it then stop wonderin it sooo funny and zac efron actuly looks good! if any1 has seen it my fave bit is when hes spinning this bullys bball on his lil finger! it so funny! lol

I Thought this was going to be a cute movie and it turned out to be so much better than i was expecting. I loved it. Zac was amazing, and Tom, who was "Uncle Ned" was hilarious. The refrences to star wars and lord of the rings etc were awesome too! great movie, want to see it again!

A surprisingly good film which was a first class choice for a rainy bank holiday. My kids are HSM fans and are only 9 and 6 but they loved the film. Although there are a few moments which I felt unconfortable them watching.

i loved this film sooooooooooo much n i would deffo go n c it again!!! Zac Efron is a complete fitty n ws soooooooo funny!?! lol xx

This film is absolutely fab, well recommended for people with a good sense of humour!! Alot better than I thought it would be!!!!!!!

This film made my day yesterday. Went to see it with my cousin. We both laughed, a lot

As a 40 something wanting to see a light film to bring a bit of cheer this seemed to fit the bill. I knew it was going to be the standard body swap formula but was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. I laughed out loud on a number of occassions and was impressed by the attention to detail. 'Uncle Ned' was a scream. It did what hoped - it left me with a smile on my face! Will add it to my rainy sunday afternoon dvd collection when it is released.

Zac Efron Is Mine,,.. I Loveee Himm Soooooooooooo Mujj. He Is Phiittttt As Hell. Lovee Youu Zac Efronn. x x x

This is one of those rare films that (I believe) the whole family will enjoy; the hilarious character of Ned made the film for me, and his references to sci fi and love of expensive cars will keep the men/boys in the family interested. Obviously for the girls there is The Efron! I was suprised by how much I liked this film, having seen high school musical I found Zac Efron too 'wholesome American teen' but I thought he was brilliant in this, great with not only the comic moments, but the emotional ones too. As I said before, it's 'Uncle Ned' who makes the film for me personally, there are plenty of laughs in it, and the heartwarming story, whilst ever-so- slightly predictable, is enjoyable and easy to follow for people of all ages. I would thoroughly recommend this film, especially to families HSM fans and pre-pubescent girls!

took my daughters to see this film and we all loved it....zac efron was fab !!!!

This Film Is Amazing And is a Good LAUGH!!! ** Zac Efron is FIT, but that isnt the only reason to watch this movie, its a great laugh & definately better doing homework or being bored!! I would advise you to watch it!!! even if you dont like hsm (unlike me :D x), its nothing like hsm it is AWESOME but with no singing & dancing !!! x

I really liked this film! To be honest the face zac efron was in it made me what to c it! I wasn't sure what it would be like but its gr8 for a laugh, and its a good feel good film! cant wait to c it again!

Not a big fan of Zac Efron but the film was poppin, went to see it with a good friend and we both enjoyed it defo go see it if you haven't its much better than his high school musicals!x

i have seen parts of 17 again and i think its funny and one of the best films yet i cant wait to see it all!!!!!

i haven't seen the film but zac efron is FFFFFFFFITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT as hell so the film is obvs mint. :P

Unexpectedly good. Not brilliant, just a good laugh with your mates. Even for those who don't claim to be Zac Efron's biggest fans. Well done Zac for attempting to break free from the sugar-coated land of Disney. :)

i really thought it would be lame like all the high school musicals but it was really good.

I love this film! A must see! Zac is great, don't listen to anyone who says he wasn't!

iv seen it already and am going agen on thurs so can highly recommend it. a far cry from zac efron's cheesy tween only movies so far and well worth seeing. damn he's fit!

This film is not all that, infact it's a typical old man trapped in young boys body and soo prediactable there were a few laughs, apart from that all i can say is too much hype about this film, that's quiet disapointing. the only good think about this film is ZAC EFRON played his role well and he is soo Gorgeous

Im ot A Fans Of Zac Efron At All I Hated Hsm I Thought They Were Cheesy Actors But I Did Think 17 again Was Enjoyable And Very Very Funny. Because You Had To Remeber His Rall Age And The Way He ActedWas So Funny. Its Was An Awsome Film Fantastic!

OMG that film was soooooooooo good I enjoyed it sooooooooooo much x x x

i reli reli cannot WAIT to go an watch this film am jst on my way to see it!! YAY YAY!!! its gunna b the bomb digity boom :-)!!! am so so so excited+!!! woohooo,i jst cant wait to watch ZAC!!! mmmmm FIT,HOT HOT HOT!!! it betta b good or ill b kickin OFF!!!!!!

I loved this film i would recommend it. Zac was a brilliant actor and looked super HOT!!!!!!

im goin to see it next weekend i cant wait i am goin with me mate bethany woop woop!!!!!

YES, This is definately the best movie! worth watching & i think the movie is as good as the trailers!!! :) x

This is a must see film & definately worth watching :D! x I LOVED it, probably the best movie i have seen in a while, after hsm :) x

Going to see 17 again today! Have never seen it before. It look's good though. Is it good? I like it because Zac Efron (L) is in it. I cant wait I'm going to see it with my cousin who has seen it before. I hope everyone who is going to see this film enjoy's! Have fun. XxX

iloved it. i am going to see it again it is my 6th time now i just love it zac is the best . the best film ever. i never seen nofin so gd. Zac effron is the man of the film .it must be good cos it has the FIT zac efron in it!!!!

Im going to go see it tomorrow! My cousin went to see it esterday and she said it was absolutely awesome! So i cant wait to go see it! :D:D:D:D x

Im going to go see it tomorrow! My cousin went to see it yesterday and she said it was absolutely awesome! So i cant wait to go see it! :D:D:D:D x

this film was one of the best filmes ive ever seen. very funny especally bob hahaha IF U HAVENT SEEN IT GO AND SEE IT NOW!!!!!!!! FAB LOL!!!!

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