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International tensions and discords are often mainsprings of interest in a film, and the fundamental contradiction between political line and status as glossy commodity might have made Bertolucci's 1900 fascinating. But whether one takes the two-part movie as a glamorous epic or as a lengthy advertisement for the Italian communist party, it still looks like a major catastrophe. Even leaving aside the questions about its sexual politics, the film is crippled by its ineptitude as 'popular' drama (the dynastic rivalries spanning the years, the convulsive deaths, the messy marriages are all strictly sub-Jacqueline Susann) and its manifest inadequacy as political argument (Donald Sutherland is established as Fascism incarnate and then metamorphosed into something like a Disney cartoon villain). The mannered elegance of the camerawork and lighting cocoons the whole sad mess within a veneer of utterly spurious 'style'. (Also shown in a 250-minute version.


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320 mins

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Bernardo Bertolucci
Bernardo Bertolucci, Franco Arcalli, Giuseppi Bertolucci
Burt Lancaster
Robert De Niro
Gérard Depardieu
Dominique Sanda
Donald Sutherland
Sterling Hayden
Stefania Sandrelli
Francesca Bertini
Romolo Valli
Laura Betti
Alida Valli

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freddie frumko. This film can be seen as a review of some historical aspects of Italian History at the turn of the century. If you like lengthy films with dramatization of this type then this film might be for you to see at least twice. I saw and purchased the "director's cut" version that pleased me. Knowledge of Italian history up north might be helpful. See the film "Tree of Wooden Clogs" and make a statement of similarity for content. Calls for a much different attitude about films of this length and type. Can be good to say the title in Italian repeatedly as you learn your Italian. It is more than about family feuds. This film is not Italian history in a nut-shell but much more about important matters. Should be considered to be much more as a documentary-like treatment of Italian history. I like longer films that say something of importance. I saw it at least twice. I do not think it should be seen as a commercial flop for it is much better as a treatment of long stretches of Italian history. "Director's Cut" version is worth your time.  Characters might have been better played by a different set of actors. Sub-titles might have been more complete. Read the Italian script in Italian for a good lesson in the language. Broad brushes of historical cinematography might have been reduced in scope but the story line has some merit.  See "Memory of Justice" by Ophuls and make a statement of similarity.