Airplane II The Sequel

Film, Comedy
Granted the producers wanted to repeat their success, but taking the same stars and copying the same jokes merely makes for a thin rehash. The doomed aircraft is now a moon-bound space shuttle departing on its maiden voyage from a commercial terminal with the usual bunch of loonies and loopies on board. Although Graves' paedophiliac pilot hasn't been sacrificed, nearly all the other dodgy bits have been replaced - to little avail - by a sprinkling of self-parodic guest stars such as Burr, Connors and Shatner.

By: FL

Release details

Duration: 84 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Ken Finkleman
Screenwriter: Ken Finkleman
Cast: Robert Hays
Julie Hagerty
Lloyd Bridges
Peter Graves
Raymond Burr
Chuck Connors
Rip Torn
William Shatner
Sonny Bono
Art Fleming