Animals United

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There’s no point in pondering how a meerkat, a lion, two Galapagos turtles, a polar bear, a kangaroo, a farting Tasmanian Devil and a French cockerel could ever feasibly live in harmony, suffice to say that it at least allowed the filmmakers to a) keep true to the concept of the title and b) drum home their message that mankind is destroying all regions of the planet and nature’s administrators – the animals – are getting cheesed off.

‘Animals United’ opens with a widescreen vista of an African plain before cutting to the hero of the piece, a meerkat called Billy. With the savannah all dried up, Billy and a matey lion called Sokrates set out to investigate the cause of the drought and in doing so unite the world’s animals in one happy Noah’s Ark moment. Reinhard Klooss and Holger Tappe’s cautionary tale sports impressive animation and posits a worthy ecocological message, but its method of execution is clumsy, stilted and filled with swathes of inconsequential padding. Still, the kids at the screening managed to stay awake, so that's a plus.


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Release date:
Friday December 17 2010
93 mins

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Reinhard Klooss, Holger Tappe
Reinhard Klooss, Oliver Huzly, Erich Kästner, Klaus Richter, Sven Severin
Ralf Schmitz
Thomas Fritsch
Christoph Maria Herbst

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This movie sucked, it copied off of the Lion King and probably the tazmanian devil... And it's weird because the movie talked terrible about humans, even though humans made it themselves. XP

Please Please PLease don't waste your rental or time watching this tripe, a complete load of dross, poorly voiced, with a really really bad story line, to be honest one star is three to many.

Plot was quite boring and also disjointed at times. I didn't really enjoy it. The characters weren't all that memorable either.

Do not bother going to see this film! I took my 4 yr old and 9 yr old and they asked to leave half way through as they were bored. There doesnt seem to be a story line, no comedy and the script could of been written better by my children! Very disappointed

This film is terrible.....!!! I laughed out loud once, the plot was awful, the characters weren't funny, the script was beyond words.... My son said it was good, but he didn't laugh once and didn't leave the cinema with the same hype he usually does after a good film. Do NOT pay full price for this at a cinema, I'm so relieved I only paid a pound at the kids morning!! What a waste of some good celebrity voices.....

After queuing for an hour to see another film that was sold out we had no other choice but to watch this or go home, we should have gone home. One of my two children seemed to enjoy the film (but as she is three I'm not sure it was anything to do with the plot) the other (aged 6) kept asking to leave and if Courtney wasn't enjoying the film that's what I'd have done. The plot is uninteresting and extremely preachy, you find yourself sitting through long spans where almost nothing happens, the plot progression is too slow for even young children to get into, the voice's are all out of synch and the jokes are very scarce (the only one seeming to be a running fart joke that was a bit old the second and eventually became irritating. I expect I'm being overly critical of a kid’s film but even my kids agreed with me that it was boring and seemed to last forever.

Terrible. Unfunny, misanthropic and very up its own ... backside. Recommendation: avoid.