Autumn Spring

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

As the title of this comedy drama suggests, youthful impulses encounter the constraints of advancing years. Elderly friends Fanda (Brodsky, a veteran of Czech cinema) and Eda (Zindulka) have adopted a light-hearted approach to imminent extinction, impersonating dignitaries and generally fooling around in a pretty harmless manner. Fanda's wife Emilie takes a more pragmatic line, carefully saving for the inevitable and living within her age. Then Fanda drains the pot to clear some debts. This is pretty predictable, reasonably played and heightened a little towards the close, but nothing special.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Vladimír Michálek
Jiri Hubac
Stanislav Zindulka
Stella Zázvorková
Zita Kabátová
Jirí Lábus
Vlastimil Brodsky
Ondrej Vetchy

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