Babylon A.D.

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Babylon A.D.
Adapted from Maurice C Dantec’s cult 1999 novel ‘Babylon Babies’, this post-apocalyptic sci-fi film began life as un film de Mathieu Kassovitz (‘La Haine’), but ended up as an overblown, over-budget vehicle for Vin Diesel. Hired by sleazy Russian gangster Gorsky (Gérard Depardieu) to deliver beautiful child prodigy Aurora to New York, cynical mercenary Toorop (Diesel), braves foul weather, corrupt people-traffickers, base-jumping villains and drone attack planes.

Along for the ride is kick-ass nun Sister Rebecca (Michelle Yeoh), who keeps quiet about the custody battle involving Aurora’s ‘birth’ parents. Her scientist father (Lambert Wilson) genetically manipulated his own unborn daughter to create the first superhuman; her mother (Charlotte Rampling), now the head of a New Age religious cult, plans to present the girl as the new Messiah. Unfortunately, a ‘Matrix’-style shoot-out offers a glib, violent solution to what is otherwise an intriguing emotional conflict.

By: Nigel Floyd


Release details

Rated: 12A
Release date: Friday August 29 2008
Duration: 90 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Mathieu Kassovitz
Screenwriter: Eric Besnard, Mathieu Kassovitz
Cast: Vin Diesel
Michelle Yeoh
Mélanie Thierry
Gérard Depardieu
Charlotte Rampling
Lambert Wilson

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2.5 / 5

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this was the most rubbish of rubbish films i have ever seen real let down never watch this movie i reapeat don't go its a waste of money

The movie is average. Very average. Nothing to write home about and in every scene you think that it's holding back, that the mediocrity of the scene is purely about not releasing the money shot too quickly... that the last 20 minutes are going to be amazing and blow your mind. And then the last 4 minutes are actually a crappy car chase, and then a very stupid montage of life after running. Where did the ending go? It seems like it's been ripped off with the hope that the viewer will see fit to come back and see it as a second instalment? At least that's the only way I can explain how the story is left so gapingly wide open with evil to quash and tales to be concluded. What started so average finished to appallingly badly.

Was looking forward to Vin movie but was a real let down. All i can say is that Coke Zero must have funded the movie and short of a tatoo on Vins body it was pretty much in every shot or sequense?

Total nonsense. Lots of unintended laughter in the cinema, especially at the unexplained sudden ending. Silly, cliche ridden and pointless rubbish.

RUSSIAN RELIGIOUS RITUALS IN NEW YORK it has an eerie frozen atmosphere and the sfx look integrated in the plot rather than packaged but the religious angle is too ludicrous to be credible , the futuristic journey from mongolia to new york excites despite some loopholes like the mass immigration and refugees fleeing vladivostok for an armoured canada on a submarine , vin diesel is just as mechanical as ever and the movie is saved by thierry who as the girl wonder,she is quite good and has an aura of a young ingrid bergman but whether she can deliver in future depends on what scripts she finds in future , i think they ought to avoid these religious controversies likely to offend people , cloning and genetics can be discussed without involving religious beliefs as here it hints about christ and immaculate conception being a clone of some sort . - jbz7879

This film is utter rubbish. Vin Petrol should be ashamed of himself.