Batteries Not Included

Film, Science fiction
4 out of 5 stars
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At the heart of this Spielberg production is a clever idea: pocket-sized flying saucers with heavy-lidded flashlights. Unfortunately, the schmaltzy tale that accompanies them would make you puke. Elderly couple Faye and Frank (Tandy and Cronyn) are respectively loco and feisty. Their New York brownstone is threatened with demolition, so Frank prays for a miracle, which arrives in the form of little creatures from another planet. They take up residence in the tenement, where they show an amazing propensity for mending things that are damaged - bye-bye suspense. Robbins' handling of the human element is as sickly and soggy as a dunked doughnut, and the script makes gonks out of its characters. But the flirting frisbee scenes are pretty neat.

By: EP

Release details

Duration: 106 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Matthew Robbins
Screenwriter: Brad Bird, Matthew Robbins, Brent Maddock, Steven S Wilson
Cast: Hume Cronyn
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This film amazed me as a child, the effects dont look as good now but thats understandable. Its a superb kids film. The little aliens (that actually look like the ultimate kids toy) will make kids scream out that they want one. All in all its a feel good family film. If you find it in the bargain bin pick it up.