Before Night Falls

Before Night Falls
Schnabel's biopic of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas - betrayed by the revolution because of his homosexualty - is evidently a labour of love, and at the same time surprisingly conventional. It has a richly imagined look (much more assured than Basquiat) and a real feel for the words (Bardem's Oscar-nominated performance combines overt sensuality with intellectual curiosity and pride), but you may have qualms about the stunt casting of Penn and Depp.

By: TCh

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Duration: 133 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Julian Schnabel
Screenwriter: Cunningham O'Keefe, Lázaro Gómez Carriles, Julian Schnabel
Cast: Javier Bardem
Johnny Depp
Sean Penn
John Ortiz
Santiago Magill
Michael Wincott
Najwa Nimri
Alfredo Villa
Hector Babenco
Jerzy Skolimowski
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