Blood for Dracula

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The time-honoured myth refracted throughthe lens of New York lifestyle. Dracula (Kier) becomes just another junkie searching for his fix, having quit Romania on a quest for the virgin blood that he desperately needs in Catholic Italy. Little Joe, as per, hunkers around after anything in skirts, looks puzzled, and spouts neo-Marxist claptrap. The deadpan dialogue is improved no end by wayward dialectic from De Sica, incomprehensible as an Italian with four sexy daughters. Often startlingly beautiful to look at. CPea.

By: CPea

Release details

Duration: 103 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Paul Morrissey
Screenwriter: Paul Morrissey
Cast: Joe Dallesandro
Udo Kier
Maxime McKendry
Vittorio De Sica
Milena Vukotic
Roman Polanski
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