Bluebeard's Eighth Wife

Film, Comedy
The film in which Brackett and Wilder supposedly perfected the Hollywood ploy of 'meeting cute' with a Riviera department store scene where Coop wants to buy pyjama tops and Colbert the bottoms. Otherwise a sporadically funny, somewhat contrived comedy, with Lubitsch softening the script's acidity (thereby giving the wrong sort of discomfort to the closing scenes in a lunatic asylum), and Cooper miscast as a playboy millionaire who has divorced seven wives and has a comeuppance coming up from the eighth.

By: TM

Release details

Duration: 85 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Screenwriter: Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder
Cast: Claudette Colbert
Gary Cooper
David Niven
Edward Everett Horton
Elizabeth Patterson
Herman Bing
Franklin Pangborn
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