Film, Action and adventure
Highly imaginative - not to say seriously hallucinatory - indie feature in which Huang sets out to exorcise Taiwan's problems with militarism, past and present. The chief setting is a southern garrison, first line of defence against invaders from the sea - who never come. Boredom, inactivity and tropical torpor take their toll and, as usual, the sleep of reason begets monsters: dangerous games, dark desires and nightmarish fantasies which afflict everyone from the kids doing military service, to the deserters living rough, and the pretty, vacant locals. Bodo, incidentally, is the Taiwanese-dialect nickname for Taiwan; it means 'Treasure Island'.

By: TR

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Duration: 80 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Huang Ming-Chuan
Screenwriter: Huang Ming-Chuan, Angel Chen
Cast: Bodo
Tsai Yi
Shi Nanhua
Huang Hongbin
Huang Zhiqi
Lin Wenyi
Wang Yiyan
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