Body Parts

Film, Horror
Director Eric Red, screenwriter of The Hitcher, gives a grungy new spin to a familiar genre theme in this tacky but vigorous mad doctor movie. Fahey's a criminal psychologist who has a new arm grafted on by doc Duncan, but after his behaviour turns erratic, he discovers that the limb in question once belonged to an executed killer - and that there are other recipients of the deceased slayer's bits and pieces also going haywire around town. Dourif's an artist who received the killer's left arm: in the old days he used to execute tepid watercolours of Cape Cod; now he hurls paint at the canvas with the intensity of Jackson Pollock on a bad day. Loosely based on Choice Cuts, by the French team Narcejac and Boileau, whose novels inspired Vertigo and Les Diaboliques.

By: TJ

Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Eric Red
Eric Red, Norman Snider
Jeff Fahey
Lindsay Duncan
Kim Delaney
Zakes Mokae
Brad Dourif
John Walsh
Paul Benvictor