Book of Love

Film, Comedy
Adapted by William Kotzwinkle from his novel Jack in the Box, this tale of young lust in the '50s utilises all the usual period memorabilia: good-looking cars, better-looking hairstyles, psychotically uptight parents, and the obligatory Greatest Hits soundtrack. Against this formulaic backdrop, Shaye offers vignettes of hyper-hormonal teen torment, from whackin' off in class to being buggered with a candle on a Merry Ranger camp outing. 'I suppose it's time for another dick-measuring contest,' opines one poor sap when all other forms of entertainment seem exhausted. Unlike so many first-fumbling '50s movies, however, this one tempers its scrotal obsessions with a sense of naive wide-eyed delight, for which credit is largely due to the fresh-faced cast (Chris Young in particular). Hardly American Graffiti, but way above the inanities of Lemon Popsicle.

By: MK

Release details

Duration: 87 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Robert Shaye
Screenwriter: William Kotzwinkle
Cast: Chris Young
Keith Coogan
Josie Bissett
Tricia Lee Fisher
Danny Nucci
John Cameron Mitchell
Michael McKean
Aeryk Egan
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