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Peter Jackson's zombiefest follow-up to Bad Taste, set in suburbia in the late '50s, is 'a slapstick comedy with blood and guts instead of custard pies'. When 25-year-old virgin Lionel (Balme) falls for the lovely Paquita (Peñalver), he provokes his domineering mother's jealousy. Soon after, a toxic nip from a Sumatran rat-monkey at the local zoo transforms Lionel's mother - through several putrescent stages - into a hideous, pustulant monster with a craving for human flesh. The finale, in which Lionel reduces a horde of flesh-eaters to a mulch of blood, flesh and offal with the aid of a flymo, is probably the goriest scene ever.

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104 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson, Stephen Sinclair, Frances Walsh
Timothy Balme
Diana Peñalver
Elizabeth Moody
Ian Watkin
Brenda Kendall
Stuart Devenie

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4.2 / 5

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One of Peter Jackson's early films after the alien epic Bad Taste, this one sees an evil cursed monkey biting his dear old mother and causing the mother of all zombie infestations. It's a little odd and really gross but does have some classic lines, particularly in the graveyard when a vicar kicks ass for the lord. The special effects are particularly 'wet'. Just don't watch this one if you have a weak stomach - you will feel a little grossed out by the end.

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