Film, Science fiction
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On paper, with its fascinating premise - a helmet-like device to enable people to experience other people's experiences - this has a lot going for it. On screen, however, it's an interesting and ambitious package that doesn't quite work. Use of the device is limited to the obvious, like sex and racing cars, or to the impossibly mystical, which fails to crack the old problem that hell is always more vivid than heaven. The drama comes from the battle between the mad scientist (Walken) who wants the device to benefit mankind, and the mysterious men in dark suits who want to keep it all under wraps for the military. As a thriller it's a bit soft, as sci-fi it's a bit simple.

By: JB

Release details

Duration: 106 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Douglas Trumbull
Screenwriter: Robert Stitzel, Philip Messina
Cast: Christopher Walken
Natalie Wood
Louise Fletcher
Cliff Robertson
Jordan Christopher
Donald Hotton
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