Bridget Jones's Baby

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Bridget Jones's Baby

Bridget Jones and Renée Zellweger are back for a third film – and a more content, more wise Bridget makes for a better, more genuinely funny film

Clever old Bridget. There’s been a hell of a lot criticism of her for crimes against feminism. But here she is, triumphantly returning in her forties, less of a twit, funnier, wittier, and – perhaps most importantly – happier with herself. And unlike the last film in the series, ‘The Edge of Reason’, you don’t need to knock back several large glasses of chardonnay for this film to make you laugh.

‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ picks up a few years after her relationship with Mark Darcy went pear-shaped. (If you’ve read Helen Fielding’s novel ‘Mad About the Boy’ – the one that bumped off Darcy – ignore it. Pretend it doesn’t exist). Bridge is now 43 and single. But instead of crying into her cardigan about dying alone and being eaten by Alsatians, she has thrown herself into her brilliant career as a top TV news producer. (Honestly, she can even pronounce the names of obscure genocidal dictators).

Her mates have all settled down and babied-up, so she’s got a new best friend, hard-partying millennial Miranda (Sarah Solemani from the British sitcom ‘Him and Her’). After declaring that she’s past her sexual sell-by date, Bridget has two drunken one-night stands and finds herself unexpectedly up the duff. Is the dad emotionally constipated Mark Darcy (Colin Firth)? Or sexy American billionaire Jack (Patrick Dempsey)?

The script is a team effort by Dan Mazer (who’s worked with Sacha Baron Cohen), Helen Fielding and Emma Thompson, who writes herself a hilarious role as a sharp-tongued doctor and gives herself the best line (ordering men out of the delivery room she tells them: ‘My ex said it was like watching his favourite pub burn down’). Smartly, and without banging on about it, the script acknowledges that Bridge obsessing about calories and the size of her arse is a bit, well, ’90s. And the love story isn’t about the blokes, but the baby brewing inside her. I’ve never liked Renée Zellweger more as a warmer and wiser Bridget Jones – but still capable of making a total prat of herself.

‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ is funny and charming. What’s missing is Hugh Grant as Daniel ‘invest in lockable knickers’ Cleaver. And this being a Bridget Jones film, we get an awkward embarrassing cameo – from Ed Sheeran (a bit budget, guys). Bridget 2.0 is also a bit clean and wholesome. Let’s have some more filthy sexual fantasy jokes about Prince Harry next time, please.  

By: Cath Clarke


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday September 16 2016
Duration: 123 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sharon Maguire
Screenwriter: Helen Fielding, Dan Mazer, Emma Thompson
Cast: Renée Zellweger
Colin Firth
Patrick Dempsey

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John C
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Hugh Grant was wise not to take part

Colin Firth seems particularly cardboardy. Renee Zellweger has lost all trace of her earlier charm & charisma / she now plays it like robot (who swears a lot) It's handsomely photographed in London & has some nice supporting performers - but it's not enough. I may be the wrong age & wrong gender to get much out of this - but I didn't find it funny. The audience I sat with (mainly groups of middle aged femails ) only seemed to find it funny during the "giving birth" scene.

1 of 1 found helpful

So so funny! I wasn't sure if this film was still going to be relatable! But it was fantastic!! You will be debating in your head on the way home - jack or mark! really funny and a feel good movie. Worth a watch!


Watch this film with a completely clear and non-judgemental or critical mind and, if you're a fan of Bridget Jones, you'll absolutely love it. The comedy was just brilliant, so utterly silly and light-hearted - it's like a kind of therapy!

I just adored the comedy and the verbal sparring between the two main love interests and the moments in the TV studio were so funny, I had tears rolling down my cheeks! 

Additions like Emma Thompson as the dry-witted, cynical doctor were fabulous and the fact that Bridget Jones' mum was so busy with her campaign she didn't notice her daughter's bump were excellent. 

Despite the comedy and, of course, really far-fetched scenes, there were some rather lovely moments of tenderness, which tugged at my heart strings as well. A really great, feel good film, best accompanied by a tub of ice-cream and a few mates, all in your PJs!  

Liz G

Absolutely adorable. A lovely film full of the usual Bridget Jones cringe moments but simple and sweet with a lovely ending. I wish I could have those two guys fighting over me!

Richard N

Has it been that long since The Edge of Reason? I can't really remember much about it, although probably for good reason. I decided to catch the latest instalment in the franchise with some apprehension, having mostly forgotten about Bridget apart from her beloved Mr Darcy and a few select memorable scenes. 

Bridget Jones' Baby smashes all doubt of that, and ends up better than your usual run off the mill romcom. With over ten years between this film and the last, Renee Zellweger still has it in her to deliver a perfectly serviceable British accent, and I can't imagine anyone else ever play Bridget. The film has tons of immediately relevant jokes, from taking the piss out of hipster beards to a Glastonbury-esque music festival. Helen Fielding, writer of both the books and the script, remains wonderfully witty and funny, and the film winds up palatable to a wide range of audiences, middle aged or not. 

When forced to choose between Colin Firth and Dr McDreamy, there's a real conundrum at hand for both Bridget and viewers alike, and it was honestly hard to predict who she'd finally end up with. It's a strangely compelling storyline as well that hints of a Shakespearean plot while also delighting in being wonderfully modern. The colourful cast of chatacters that make up Bridget's life, from her mum to her colleagues, are all an absolute joy to watch onscreen.

Trust a Bridget Jones film to make you feel better in the middle of winter. It's full of hope, love and laughs, and thoroughly enjoyable throughout. 


Surprisingly funny and despite the time between films, the actors are still on form. Not quite in keeping with the book but very true to character as always!

Good for a laugh and to lift you out of a grump, definitely Sunday night viewing.


Everything you would expect if you are a fan of the movies and book. The overall story is predictable and easy but, the quick jokes and fun cameos make up for it. There are some sad moments and some extremely funny. Go see this movie for an easy watch or for a girl benefit date night. Definitely a "chick flick"

Michel G

If you want to spend a evening with laughter and fun you definitely have to see this movie.

Carly-Ann Clements
Staff Writer

Such a silly film. It's not groundbreaking. It's not original. But it's fun and great for a Sunday night with a glass of wine.

Ioanna La

Hilarious, fun, charming, great performances, this movie is exactly what you need for a Saturday night in with besties! Extra points if you are a Londoner, because you'll see places you've been again and again! Absolutely loved it. This come-back of Bridget was worth waiting for!


My favourite film of 2016 by far! I can't quite decide if it lives up to the first two mind, as this is the first one to be released since my move to London, I feel my relationship with the scenery and familiar places totally affected me in my love for the third instalment of the Bridget Jones story. Bridget SEEMS to have rather got her life together since the last time we met her, but as the film goes on it appears this isn't quite as deep-set as it first seems. Absolutely hilarious from start to finish, bits and me in absolute tears of laughter. 


Absolutely loved it, saw it twice and still found it hilarious the second time around! I could almost go as far as to say its the best one out of the three. They were all looking a little bit old, but Patrick Dempsey was a welcomed addition and Emma Thompson was just golden, her dry comments were brilliant, especially when expressing her distaste for yoga! Must see feel-good film with an excellent soundtrack as expected!


How can I not rate this 5 star? You can't help but see a little part of yourself in this film, even if its over woes of a past flame or the comedy of been alone on a birthday evening. 

Renee Zellweger puts in a classic 'Bridget' performance and even without Hugh Grant the film is still a classic in the series. I won't ruin the plot line but I can safely say if you are a chick flick fan and enjoy some comedy this really is a film for you. Go watch it! 

Alexandra L

The problem with ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ is that it’s just not as good as it should be. By no means is it awful but when you consider the pedigree from which this film heralds, it just doesn’t stand up. There are several moments in it when you’re taken back to original and all that does is remind you how absolutely brilliant that first movie was and how, well, safe and slightly dull this one is.

Bridget is back and so thankfully is Mark Darcy. Colin Firth is a man aging to absolute perfection and I absolutely adore the look of permanent confusion-disdain on his gently rugged face. As the eponymous heroine, Renee Zellweger is lovely. She’s relatable and empathetic with more than enough of the twinkly charm that makes her such a joy to watch however the script does no-one any favours. That it’s predictable isn’t an issue – come on, it’s a standard rom-com so that’s to be expected – but at times it feels kind of lazy, as though the writers couldn’t be bothered to go that extra mile because hey, it’s Bridget and people are going to come watch it regardless.

Hugh Grant’s absence is quite keenly felt – never mind no danger, there’s not even a hint of the naughtiness that I loved about his character in the earlier films and it’s really needed given that both Mark and love-rival Jack are about as square, solid and dependable as you can imagine. Great characteristics in real-life partners perhaps, slightly less entertaining on the big screen though.

Emma Thompson is a sheer delight as Bridget’s doctor, whipping out one killer line after another but that’s hardly surprising given that she could make the shipping forecast side-splitting and Jim Broadbent is altogether fabulous as her ever-supportive dad but again, I’d expect nothing less.

The first film boasted an utterly joyful soundtrack which even hearing now takes me back to the early noughties and while this one has some good songs, it’s colour-by-numbers instructions on how I should be feeling at every scene change is slightly irritating and another indicator of the laziness behind the camera.

If you have any love for Bridget at all, then it’s totally worth checking in with her now – she’s definitely older, wiser and in possession of a stubborn determination to make her life better which is something I think we can all understand – but keep your expectations low. I smiled, I chuckled and there’s one scene very near the end that had me full on guffawing but the consistent belly laughs don’t quite roll off the screen with the reassuring regularity of the original. 

Sarah J

Loved this film! It was more emotional than I was expecting, but having travelled through the ages with Bridget by our sides, by girlfriends and I could relate to her through most of the experiences. It still had that feel good factor, with laughter and emotional parts, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed every minute :)


I wouldn't say I was in the target audience for this movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hadn't seen the previous two movies but such has been the cultural significance of this iconic character, I was fully aware of 'smug singletons' and doomed diets that inhabited her universe. The film has been updated for our times with millennials now flooding our heroine's workplace with comedic consequences. The tussle between Darcy and Jack provides an element of frisson whilst Emma Thompson small part lingers in the memory. As to be expected, there are inane and unbelievable moments throughout the film. London is deliciously shot with wonderful scenes filmed in Borough Market, Greenwich Park, the Old Bailey and London's Aquatic Centre. The two hours flew by.

Tiago Almeida

She back, older, still surprisingly sexy and akward.

I honestly enjoyed the film and spent a great evening.

Sonia C

I had quite low expectations after loving the first film & finding the second one so so- but I have to say 3rd times a charm! I loved this right from the opening scene & had a massive smile plastered across my face the whole film when I wasn't belly laughing. As a forty something singleton I completely identified with Bridget. I saw it with my Mum who loved it too (I think it gave her hope!) I was worried about revisiting such beloved characters but everyone bar Daniel Cleaver was present, correct & like a fine wine better with age! Thank you for such a wonderful love letter to London & singletons everywhere..

Yilly P

I loved it!

I wasn't expecting much after the second film, which probably added to my enjoyment of this one, but overall a good light-hearted movie that had me belly-laughing at times.

Renee Zellweger reprises her role as Bridget perfectly.  I also loved seeing Colin Firth as Mr Darcy and all the old favourites.

I also thought Emma Thompson as the doctor was a great addition!

Definitely worth a watch.

Marco D

What a delight to see Renée Zellweger as 'Bridget Jones' again after many years. This time with double the romance, quite literally and double the comedy. With a very big surprise ahead to find out for yourself while watching 'Bridget Jone's Baby'.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself completely. I loved every moment, it was immensely bonkers and extremely hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing throughout and crying for that matter actually. I watched it at the Barbican cinema and the whole theatre was filled with happiness, it was comedy at its best to be honest. It just feels so alive to see all the actors come back and Colin Firth also hasn't changed a single bit which is fantastic.

All the actors play a fun and a fantastic part to the film and it's unmissable. I remember watching the film and just feeling so happy to see Bridget being happy. I feel the story teaches us that somehow life is tough, but you have to face it.

It is an extraordinarily, delightful film. It will put a big smile on your face for sure.

#TOTastemaker Love MD.

Sara A

I loved the first film and the second was quite entertaining as well but I was concerned that the "I must lose weight and bag myself a man" concept wouldn't be quite so entertaining anymore. Luckily this third film is a bit more up-to-date and focuses more on the Bridget we know and love but a bit more grown up. The film is funny (if a bit ridiculous) and is an entertaining watch.

Sarah G

I was a bit reticent about seeing this! I've known - in fact - been Bridget Jones since she first appeared in the Independent once a week. I love her. I didn't think the last book was brilliant but still enjoyed it. I somehow felt the film might not be up to scratch. It is in fact perfection - funny, sweet, emotional, real. It hit all the right buttons for me - chiming with the original character and how her life might really have gone.

I laughed and cried and can't wait to see it again! 

Thanks to all involved for such unadulterated pleasure!


so my favourite singleton is back!!! Looking more fabulous and trimmer than the first two installments! Mark Darcy is back as her repressed English man lover and move over Hugh Grant we have McDreamy as the second contender!

Updated with all the latest gadgets - gone are her diary books and in with the iPad; the new politics - her ambitious mom finally decided to include all gays and Italians; glamping, and a nod to superjuice and geriatric pregnancy!

I want to get the DVD jsut so I can see her obgyn call her Geriatric mom over and over and over again.

But enough with the spoilers.

Go and watch it for yourself and ask the question her BFF asked in the film,

"bridget, how do you manage  to orchestrate such cliffhangers in your life?"

I am gutted that there was no scene of Mark and Jack going at each other as per her other 2 films! I was hoping till the end - why did they nto have a wrestlign match on the way to  or at the hospital? 

But 5 stars from me because as ever, I will always be rooting for Bridget!


I was sceptical when friends told me this film was better than the first. I shouldn't have been. It was hilarious, much better the first film (and that disastrous second one). The old Bridget/Daniel/Mark love triangle has been replaced by a new one - say hello to Jack (or as some of you might know him Dr McDreamy, from his Grey's Anatomy days). This new character gives the film series a whole new lease of life. Definitely a film to go see with the girls!

Chlo Fo

This film does exactly what it says on the tin, yes it might be silly, yes it's probably had its day, but I don't care - I bloody loved every minute of it. It's laugh out loud funny stuff. There's a tad repeat of themes, but it doesn't matter, because they're not trying to be anything new or innovative, people love Bridget and here she is in her full glory. Don't worry, I won't give any spoilers, but just to say it has just the right happy ending.

Mei M

I was really looking forward to Bridget's return, and this was a great comeback after soooo long! I've read the book and seen the previous movies when I was younger and had high expectations for this episode. It was funny, light, perfect to watch with a bunch of girlfriends. Don't expect nothing too deep (obviously) but you'll have a great night out. I still love Renee & Colin, amazing performances!

Luisa G

Lovely film, it was very amusing and great cast, as always. Worth waiting for!

Zoe F

Bridget is back and better than ever! I consider Bridget Jones’ Diary to be one of my favourite films and have probably seen it so many times a could quote it word for word, however sequel Bridget Jones Edge of Reason never did sit well with me and fell flat in my expectations – I’ve only seen it the once, and quite frankly I intend on keeping it that way. So when I hear of Bridget Jones’s Baby I was apprehensive and wasn’t even convinced I’d make an effort to go to see it but after reading some reviews I was persuaded to give it a chance and I’m so glad I did!!!! I loved every single minute of it and to me was on par with the first film, I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD just to be able to see it over and over again – it’s sure to become another of my go-to’s. I won’t go into the plot too much as most know the plot outline and don’t want to spoil it for anyone, as it’s one of those films best seen without too much prior knowledge. Let me just say, I experienced every emotion watching it from crying with laughter to properly tearing up at some of the more tender and heartfelt moments. I urge anyone on the fence to go see how much has changed in the “10 years” since the original was set and find out who Bridget’s baby daddy is!

Yasmin B

Bridget Jones’s Baby exceeded my expectations. The first half might feel a bit ‘try hard’ with lots of musical references which fall a bit short. However, once the film gets into it’s stride it really does feel like a trip down memory lane – in a good way. Stellar performances from members of the original cast and Patrick Dempsey fits in perfectly. The perfect end to a great trilogy of films. A must watch!

Ros A

I sort of hate Bridget Jones (the film and the character - who is an annoying wet blanket-esque idiot) but obviously I've seen all three. Because, ya know, you have to. However, the latest instalment was by far the best of the them and was laugh out loud funny. 

The only thing that drove me bonkers about the film was the lack of attention to detail about London. For example, when it pans out of Bridget Jones' house (in Borough Market) and you see The Shard miles away. Or when she is being carried across Battersea Bridge for no apparent reason which is also miles from her house and the hospital. Anyhow, we had a good chuckle about how a film about Brits in Britain could get it so wrong! Thanks American film companies! 

I enjoyed it and I would certainly see it again when it turns up on ITV like the other Bridget Jones films invariably do around Christmas time. 

Tara P

Bridget Jones’s Baby is that rare thing: a film that exceeded my expectations.

At first, the vital signs seemed worrying – a large gap between films, a deviation from the source material and a cringe-worthy trailer. I almost gave it a miss.

I’m so glad I didn’t pass up the opportunity to see this hilarious film in the cinema. If anything, it surpasses The Edge of Reason (though perhaps not the original) with a script that feels modern and yet unmistakably Bridget. The core audience who “grew up” with the heroine in the 90s are unlikely to feel let down, as the film appears to speak directly to them. And yet, there’s enough for us Millennials too – with a plethora of internet cats, hipster gags and scenes of London hedonism.

Our audience was in fits of laughter near-constantly, the embarrassment-focused jokes tempered with witty wordplay and scenes of genuine hilarity that for the most-part off-set the awkward cringing – the only real reason for this review’s lost star. Emma Thompson is the standout performer, her few scenes as the tight-lipped doctor delivering the biggest belly-laughs.

Perhaps most endearingly, the characters have aged gracefully both off and on-screen. Bridget Jones’s Baby shows something rarely seen in the cinema: that there is life beyond your thirties – and a fun, sexy and exciting life at that. We need more such examples, but this expectation-busting sequel is at least a good place to start.