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You can make jokes about Hitler. You can strut around Jerusalem in hot pants and fake Hassidic curls. You can make a pitch for an American TV show with a slot called ‘Keep It… Or Abort It!’. But, whatever you do, don’t you dare make a gag about Michael Jackson. The removal from Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest parade of in-your-face shamelessness of a scene in which Brüno, a disgraced Austrian fashion reporter in Hollywood, stitches up La Toya Jackson and tries to extract her brother’s number from her mobile, suggests that Baron Cohen’s comedy isn’t entirely tasteless or free of boundaries. Which isn’t something you’d believe while watching a talking penis swinging around the screen or while experiencing the succession of filthy and provocative slapstick, stunts, sketches and stitch-ups that Baron Cohen has jumbled together here into the loosest of loose stories.

The plot is similar to ‘Borat’: an eccentric foreigner comes to America, does outrageous things, makes people (some famous) look dumb. Brüno is the third clown in Baron Cohen’s repertoire after Ali G and Borat, and once again he masks an acid tongue and sharp mind with a distracting voice and a neverending catwalk of ridiculous outfits. But this feels a bit more desperate in the execution, as if Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles are victims of their own success and have had to try much harder to give their film a documentary sheen. There are certainly more question marks hanging over the ‘real’ episodes than there were in ‘Borat’ – and fewer of those episodes too – and you doubt Baron Cohen could ever stretch to make another film along similar lines.

But what’s lacking in the presentation, Baron Cohen makes up for with sheer ballsy, outrageous bravado. He bulldozes you with shock tactics. Brüno is a mesmerising invention, by turns repulsive and compelling. His exploits, from becoming an extra on US TV show ‘Medium’ to taking a bunch of rednecks hunting, zero in on fair if easy targets, whether that’s homophobic hetero America or the celebrity world, for which Brüno is a global ambassador. (At one point, he visits a Hollywood PR to find a charity to support. ‘We’ve had Darfur,’ he says, ‘so what’s Dar-five?’)

The humour veers wildly between the childish (mistaking Hamas for ‘hummus’) and the savage (an encounter with a ‘healer’ of gays) and isn’t always focused enough – what’s the point, in this context, of ribbing representatives of the Palestinian and Israeli causes? And although there’s little for the open-minded to find troubling, some might bristle at bitchy Brüno as a stereotype of a gay man obsessed with sex, clothes and fame.

But most viewers won’t have the time or energy to dwell on such worries: they’ll be watching with one eye closed from embarrassment and the other welling up with tears of laughter.

Click here to read our exclusive interview with Bruno

By: Dave Calhoun


Release details

Rated: 18
Release date: Friday July 10 2009
Duration: 83 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Larry Charles
Screenwriter: Sacha Baron Cohen, Anthony Hines, Dan Mazer, Jeff Schaffer
Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen
Gustaf Hammarsten
Clifford Bañagale

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3.2 / 5

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Bruno is funny. What we learn now with the bad reviws is most movie reviewers are liberals. A flambouyant 'kujou; type gay man is not funny bevause it hits to close to home. ET puts that kujou guy on as a srious reporter. ron 'ru' paul's reaction is priceless.

In my top 5 worst films of 2009 this is a close second to Drag Me To Hell! And that doesnt say much! That scene in the cage at the end had me scratching my head asking myself, is this supposed to be funny? If he is so funny, why does he always need an assistant? And how did they get tied together if there was no one else in the bedroom? And who set up the camping with the hunters? Would they have gone with an annoying prat? Poor Sascha, she tries too hard tut tut tut

anyone who doesn't like this movie doesn't see the genius of exposing American's ignorance, bigotry, racism, and homophobia and straight idiocy - that's what it's all about - look deeper people!!

I was embarrassed that my man paid for us to watch this film. It was simply SAD and obviously made for Saddo's.

you could say we shouldnt have seen the film if we didnt like it, but we didnt know whether we would or not, thats the whole point of seeing a film?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! duhhhhhh

This film is utter waist of money to go and see, its so boring, Not even worth putting on DVD, so people please dont waist your money when it comes out

If your all gonna be faggots about it then you shouldn't have seen the movie in the first place.

If your all gonna be faggots about it then you shouldn't have seen the movie in the first place.

I thought it was so boring! It was embarrasing to watch too. Lets just say, i definatli wont be buying the DVD.

it was terrible! so boring! probably the worst film ive ever seen and im not usually critical about films! so bad, so rude and really not exciting. It made me feel totally sick and the language and sexual scenes were coarse and crude. having penis' and boobs and other parts of the human anatomy in practically every scene, is not my ideal film. The way they showed us his sex life, was that necessary? it was disgusting and the thought of it is making me gag right now!!!!! The writer/director/whoever should not be proud of themselves, for producing a horrific dirty movie. BAD!!!!!!!!

sozzzzzziiiiiiii babii i forgot 2 rate itttt blad. shame u aint got minus numbers bluddddd xxxxx jack braaaaaaaaaaapppppppppp

This film was complete garbage not funny at all. Borat was brilliant bruno was just crap

Inferior version of Borat. The thinnest of plots and too much shock for shock`s sake.

This film had me laughing from the outset. I haven't laughed so much during a film in ages. It's proper car crash TV. You don't want to watch and you can't believe what you're seeing, but you just can't help yourself. I would say that this film is a must for all SBC fans. Like it or hate it, you won't be able to believe what you're watching

man it made me horny xxxxxx loved it, so sexy uhmmmmmm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

man it made me horny xxxxxx loved it, so sexy uhmmmmmm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

complete and utter rubbish. boring, crude, coarse, disgusting etcccc! too much sex, sex sex sex, boring blahhhhhhh crap, utter crap.

Boring Story, not enough story, few clever comments, and he does play the part very well, however i was really disapointed, it just wasnt funny and i was glad when it finished to be honest.

I was really dissapointed, really boring story, it just wasnt funny and I couldnt wait for it to finish

Went expecting more of the laugh-out-loud humour of Borat, but what a disappointment... Most of the "jokes" were pathetically crude and witless, only a 14-year old schoolboy would find amusing. It was obvious from the start, that unlike Borat, all the "victims" were in on the jokes and knew exaxtly that it was a supposed send-up. Can I have my money back Mr Baron Cohen?

This film is so bad there are not words to describe it! Simply put, its Borats plot, without any of the laughs. Its purely gross on so many levels, i get that SBC is poking fun at models and celebrities which is cool by me, but this is just a terrible film, OTT gay scenes that made me totally uncomfortable and im not in anyway homophobic. Its a film thats just not worth paying to see.

The movie is an assemblage of bits and pieces shot because they seemed funny then strung together into a vague form of continuity. Critics praised it and movie goers panned it - the paying public got it right - dross utter dross. Don't bother wasting your time and treasure.

To be fair if Bruno preceded Borat maybe the reviews would be less harsh. SBC by sticking to the same recipe tries mainly to shock or disgust the audience - yet it feels like somehow we saw all that 3 years ago. Probably because Borat was not SO 2006... Few good bits in the film but overall quite dissapointing. It's (not) niiiice.

This makes Borat look like a PG film. Bruno is wildly offensive and raucously outrageous, yet I couldn't stop laughing. The people in this film (apart from Sacha Baron Cohen's "Bruno") are all real, and had no prior knowledge about the movie. Every shot of this movie is pure and unscripted, and it's a miracle the camera crew hung around to capture it all. Wonderful movie - but beware - don't watch this piece of cinema gold with kids in the room. Highly recommended for fans of Cohen!

Not a patch on Borat. Not clever, not taboo-breaking, not shocking - just dull and repetitive.

Not a patch on Borat. A boring unfunny film - not shocking or taboo-breaking, just dull.

This film had me, and the rest of last night's audience in tears and feeling somewhat shellshocked. If people feel a little uncomfortable with some of the material, then that might reveal more about them than they would like to admit. But I thought it was quite brilliant edgy comedy, pushing at the limits, which is what good comedy should do.

This film had me, and the rest of last night's audience in tears and feeling somewhat shellshocked. If people feel a little uncomfortable with some of the material, then that might reveal more about them than they would like to admit. But I thought it was quite brilliant edgy comedy, pushing at the limits, which is what good comedy should do.

In terms of a thick plotline and movie credentials, Bruno has nothing. But you will not have any time to think about that as the most shcking scenes ever hit you. Do not let other reviews put you. Not as clever as Borat, but trust me you you will NEVER see another film like it. The audience were shocked and in fits of tears throughout and it was given a round of applause at the end.

the start of the movie was ok, a few funny bits, but towards the end i couldn't wait to get out it was getting rather boring, no where near as good as i expected. A total disapointment

A disappointing film, along similar lines to Borat but not as funny. Quite puerile in places and a perhaps aimed at 15 year old adolescents. Although there are a few funny bits (OJ), I would save your money, or see something else.

This is just not a funny film and I like this style of humour. Any episode of "The Inbetweeners" is funnier that this. It is not as funny as "Borat" nor "Ali G in da House". It is crude for the salke of being crude. I'm surprised Larry David (of Curb your Enthusiasm fame) would associate himself with this. Any episode of Curb your enthusiasm is funnier. Give this film a wide berth.

bruno is not as funny as borat but its still really funny . who cares whether its a good film or not when you laugh this much!

bruno is not as funny as borat but its still really funny . who cares whether its a good film or not when you laugh this much!

There were so many unnecessary parts in this movie, you seriously sat wondering how you were supposed to tolerate it. You could tell that you were supposed to laugh at the jokes but most of them were not even funny. Who the fuck thinks abortion is a joke? Keep it or abort it TV show? WTF. Showing a swinging dick that talks? Not necessary. Early in the movie, there's this huge gay sex part where they do all kinds of weird, unnecessary shit. Save $11 and watch the good parts of it on YouTube. Sasha Baron Cohen isn't that funny to me anymore.

I'm a big fan of Borat and Ali G but I'm really sorry to have to say that this film just doesn't hit the mark. All the funniest bits are in the trailer so if you've seen the trailer that will kind of spoil the film for you. Big disappointment. Still very funny a lot of the time (not constantly though), but also just a bit pathetic in some ways. I would far rather watch this than, say, the abysmal Drag Me To Hell, but it's just not as good as it should have been. For comparison, I would have given Borat at least 4 stars.

Disappointed as I went to enjoy this but it got just a few half hearted laughs from me and the audience. Perhaps one to see when quite drunk or with a crowd determined to guffaw. Really just a cut and paste low grade TV show that would not make prime time grade. Not much morre than squirming at a freakshow where you don't know what is real or staged. The best bits are in the adverts so save your money if your comedy standards are high. Surprising to see the big name musicians at the end willing to be associated with the film, their stock must be falling if this is worth their while. One star for effort, must try harder. Yawn.

I watched the full trailor for this and i must admit at first i wasnt impressed, after 1 minute i was laughing so much. I cant wait to see this film. The sex and the city comment is absolutely superb. Wont be to everyones taste but what film is. Im sure tho that everyone will be saying that they have swapped there baby for an ipod in no time. i have to give the trailor 3 stars as thats how funny i found it