Can You Keep It Up for a Week?

Film, Comedy
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Embarrassing British sex comedy, featuring Jeremy Bulloch (late of the Billy Bunter TV series) and - God help him - Richard O'Sullivan. The solitary laugh comes in the credits at the end: 'The producers acknowledge the assistance of the management of the Holiday Inn hotels at Swiss Cottage and Heathrow in making this film'. Surprising that it took as long as 12 days to shoot...mind you, it was quite a trek out to the airport in those days before the Piccadilly Line extension was complete.

Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Jim Atkinson
Robin Gough
Jeremy Bulloch
Jill Damas
Neil Hallett
Richard O'Sullivan
Sue Longhurst
Valerie Leon
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The British soft porn comedy was in it's tacky glory in the 70s.Confeesions of, Adventures of and even the Carry on series were all the rage. This rarely seen comedy turned up on the so called Movies for Men Channel. A hit at the box office, this does not press any buttons now days.Lots of tits, with sex starlets of the time,including Sue Longhurst and Valerie Leon as a lesbian plumber to the rich ,it stars one Jeremy Bulloch who would go on to much better things as Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back. Worth seeing if your fan of Richard O'sullivan playing a very gay sculptor, the rest is 94 minutes of witless British puns. ,sexcomment you type in this box will appear on the site