Cars 3

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Cars 3

Another passable entry in Pixar's least-loved franchise, following the adventures of a group of talking automobiles

The racing world is changing in the latest ‘Cars’ escapade from Pixar. A new generation of faster, more efficient motors has arrived on the scene and a dramatic crash leaves an ageing Lightning McQueen facing retirement. Unfortunately for parents bored of the franchise or irritated by the premise (why would cars go to a bar and grill – why?), the now-not-so-cocky racer is refusing to hang up his tyres.

Despite his flabby wheels and creaky joints, McQueen (Owen Wilson) is desperate to keep racing and avoid becoming merchandise (ironic, considering Disney is already selling ‘Cars 3’ swimming trunks.) In an attempt to get his engine revving, he joins a new training facility, complete with track simulators, VR and perky personal trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo). Her story, at least – of self-doubt and female inclusion – is engaging. The rest of the plot simply meanders toward the race to end all races, where McQueen aims to beat his latest nemesis, newbie Jackson Storm.

‘Cars 3’ is entertaining enough. As always, the animation, attention to detail and sweeping American landscapes are ace. There’s a lot of predictable mush about following your dreams, turning negatives into positives and having the confidence to believe in yourself. That’s all well and good for the under-12s, but this movie never packs the kind of emotional punch we know Pixar is capable of.

By: Ellie Walker-Arnott


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Rated: U
Release date: Friday July 7 2017
Duration: 102 mins

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Director: Brian Fee
Screenwriter: Kiel Murray, Bob Peterson, Mike Rich

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So having seen Cars but missing Cars 2 , I was intrigued in seeing how Lightening McQueen had progressed in his life.

I have to say, I was quite let-down. Although the story had hidden messages, I found the story quite slow in parts. It follows McQueen's journey as car technology has progressed and how his competition is now training for their races. I imagine it's a perfect movie for kids but for me, sadly I wasn't gripped.

However, the animations by Pixar were brilliant. Apparently the mud scenes were the most difficult to recreate but they were also really effective.

Kids will be engrossed but adults not so much unless it's your kinda thing!


When it comes to filmmaking, sequels are rarely as good as the original. So a sequel of a sequel, a disaster right?

Wrong! Car 3 is a wonderful piece of animation from Pixar and Disney studios. I have to admit I had doubts and if it wasn’t for receiving free tickets, I wouldn’t have gone. But I’m glad I did, because I enjoyed the film so much more than I first expected.

When newer, faster cars are appearing on the track, McQueen suddenly has to rethink his life and career. This plot hits home hard for grown-ups. It’s about learning to rediscover your dreams and purpose as you get older and your priorities change. Wonderfully done and full of tact, it’s a story adults will love.

As for the kids, it’s teaching them great values and lessons. I am so glad they get to watch movies like this. Because life isn’t always about being the best or being the ‘chosen one’. Sometimes it’s about learning to be happy whatever life brings.

A wonderful movie that truly deserves the Pixar stamp!


Despite my pretty low expectations, Cars 3 was better than I thought. As usual, nothing comparable to the first movie (which is BRILLIANT!), but I have to say that it is very well done and made me giggle a lot! Although, I've found some bits slightly boring and not too dissimilar to the second film. Also, the main themes of the end of a sport carrier and "believe in you dreams" etc etc are far too american comedy style. 


Cars 3 bounced back after the instantly forgettable Cars 2. It is a little bit darker in parts as well as pretty funny in others. It starts to ask a few questions about growing up, which is what the franchise is trying to do, as well as getting all those Disney toy sales going again!. Set 10 years on from the first film, it shows the effect of hitting the end of a sporting life, which gave a strangely poignant aspect to the film. The second half of the film, and especially the finale of the film were really good.

However, looking back on the film it does seem a little hard to totally empathise with Lightning McQueen, the main star of the film. He’s not actually a very interesting character and it’s hard to really say why you’d want him to win the races. That said, it’s got a lot of fun, a few good laughs and is pretty enjoyable for the whole family 


Cars is not my favourite of Pixar's productions, and you can totally see it's one of those movies done just for the gadgets and toys they will then sell. Don't get me wrong, it's still entertaining and sometimes fun, kids will absolutely love it, but unlike other Pixar works I don't think this is great for adults too. Animation is - as always - on point and beautiful. Go watch it with your kids and they'll be still very happy!

Not having kids I, thankfully, haven’t had to suffer through too many Kids movies, although I have to say I feel for my parents generation because they are oh-so much more filled with cheeky audit content these days.

So safe to say I may have seen Cars 1 maybe once, don’t ask me why? I didn’t even know there was a Cars 2 and then I got invited to go to Cars 3. So basically my expectations were set at kiddies entertainment level. I was pleasantly surprised that Cars 3 did actually have some genuinely giggle worthy scenes and some of the graphics were stunning! It’s basically all about getting old and aren’t we all sadly although I would prefer not to be reminded. There were some cute moments but it’s a pretty basic, typical Hollywood movie story line.

In summary, it was as expected, some light hearted kiddy entertainment that is mildly entertaining for us suffering adults.


Oh Pixar, how I love thee! 

Cars 3 was a heartwarming tale, perhaps better than the original. Many children sat around me seemed to really like it (They weren't running around the aisles and throwing popcorn around) and as an adult I definitely chuckled at a few too many parts. Like Cars 1, it wasn't the best Pixar film, but its Pixar - it was still good!

The story was sweet and it was lovely to see a female racing car (that wasn't pink), and yet another chance for little girls and boys to see  a female hero have her day!

THE SHORT though! I go to Pixar films for the comedy and superb animation but mostly for the tiny films before the main showing. This one didn't disappoint  and I think its worth seeing Cars 3 for this alone. 

Overall, it is definitely a film to take your kids to over the summer, especially if you fancy a few laughs yourself!



Having not seen the 2 previous films I really didn’t know what to expect but it has been years since I saw a Pixar movie at the cinema, and I forgot how good the writing can be.

I really, really loved this story about Lightning McQueen desperately trying to stay the best racing car in the world and I completely bought into these cars having personalities and learning life lessons.

Although of course this is primarily a kid’s film, my attention never waned because of the sharp writing, superb animation and really good humour all the way through. And why should it just be the kids who are kept entertained anyway?


You do not have to have seen the previous films to enjoy this threequel, although it can be disorientating if you are not used to a universe populated only by motor vehicles (and a few crabs). The animation as you would expect from Pixar is first class. The scenery of the landscapes is stunning while the racetrack scenes are exhilarating. New characters are introduced: Cruz the coach and Miss Fritter the Demolition Derby Queen are hugely entertaining lady car characters. Although not as emotional as other Pixar movies, there are themes that can inspire children and adults alike. The narrative of mentorship is heavily featured as is the clarion call for self belief. My personal favourite story is how a fading superstar (Lightening McQueen) battles to still become competitive despite the entrance of younger and more powerful racers. Although the director did not rule out a Cars 4 at the Q&A I attended, I personally think this is the end of the road for the franchise so please do see.


I've been a Cars fan From the get go...even though I haven't seen Cars 2 yet haha (dont tell anyone) .... So I was really looking forward to it.

It delivered.... It delivered in humour,thrill,pensive "damn thats pure wisdom" moments and even visual pleasure. The storyline is interesting and even though I didnt necessarily get the end I expected I got the end I could live with ... And let's face it. That's all we want in life


I have to admit I haven't seen Cars 1 or 2 but I quite enjoyed this movie, and found that it wasn't necessary to have seen the first two movies in order to understand this one as you can easily get the gist of what they were about. Cars 3 has a simple story line and is great fun for kids with lots of action and animation. It also had some great messages in the movie about never giving up and how to overcome challenges, and the value of being a mentor. I feel even though the movie is typically for kids, the messages can be taken home by adults too!

However, the star of the movie for me had to be Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo). Cruz's bubbly personality and humour made the movie that little bit more entertaining!

Overall, a good light hearted movie for the summer holidays!


If you liked Cars 1 and 2 this one sure doesn't disappoint. The animation and attention to detail is incredibly executed once again. A great movie for the kids and for any adults looking for some light hearted entertainment.


I've seen the first Cars film, skipped over Cars 2 and have just seen Cars 3. I found it humorous and I think for kids it was pretty action packed. Sit back and relax and let your inner racer enjoy. The animation is just amazing! Every film, Pixar tackle an animation problem, this time it was mud!


Despite not quite been a follower of the first two films like some of the young fans in the cinema with me, I found Cars 3 a great fun film. It had some really interesting underlying themes like the importance of mentoring, and the effect new technology can have. The characters are delightfully and so carefully thought out, with proper personalities your fall in love with. If you are babysitting nieces and nephews alike, or have children of your own, then head along to check out the latest in edge Cars series.


I had seen the first Cars movie before, but not Cars 2, and I actually preferred Cars 3 to the original. The story is set roughly 10 years after the first movie and Lightning McQueen is having to try and stay on his game as a new generation of rookies start to dominate the racing scene. McQueen realizes that the state of the art training equipment that the rookies uses isn’t for him and he has to come up with alternative training methods to try and stay relevant. Later on in the movie McQueen begins to move into the role of mentor, which seems to suit him well. I thought that Cars 3 did a good job of telling a story of the younger technology driven generation still needing to make sure they take into considerations the advice from the older generations, as their tried and true methods can still be beneficial today. 


Every young person I know loves the Cars movies and every adult feels that the Cars flicks are their least favourites of the Pixar animated classics. Basically this film like the 2 before it is everything a young child could want from a movie but for adults it's lacking is there isn't much adult comedy included and it's all classic predictable stuff.

It does look amazing though. Forget the central characters it's the background animation that is genuinely breath taking. In one scene in genuinely looked like a filmed shot of American canyons rather than just another animated scene. Impressive stuff.

The film has some good lessons for kids and it's all very lovely and shiny to look at.

In summary...your kids will love it but as an adult you'll not be too gripped.