Casta Diva

A series of set pieces observing men (and sometimes men watching men): single, lengthy takes from static camera set-ups; an almost total absence of the spoken word; the radiant clarity of black-and-white images. As a celebration of the male form, Eric de Kuyper's first feature is not without its longueurs, but it has a wit and a consistency which both fascinates and impresses. For some, the final flurry of bravura camerawork breaks the tone, but in its own way it's quite ravishing.

By: SM

Release details

Duration: 107 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Eric de Kuyper
Screenwriter: Eric de Kuyper
Cast: Jack Post
Emile Poppe
Ben Kettenis
Paul Verstraten
Walter Nuyens
Gerard Lemaître
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