Casual Sex?

Film, Comedy
A sex comedy from the female perspective. Originally a three-song sketch by Wendy Goldman and Judy Toll, it was then worked up into a play, and finally a screenplay, reflecting the new AIDS consciousness. Stacy and Melissa re-evaluate their sexual attitudes, and decide to holiday at an upmarket health spa, where potential partners should at least be in good nick. After a variety of sketchy farcical/romantic complications, the movie settles for a rather sentimental epilogue, but it remains surprisingly engaging. The biggest shock is Andrew Dice Clay - the comedian you love to boycott - whose 'Vin-Man' character gets laughs transforming himself from a macho beast to a caring, sharing New Man via the 'Pretend You're Sensitive Handbook'.

By: TCh

Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Genevieve Robert
Wendy Goldman, Judy Toll
Lea Thompson
Victoria Jackson
Stephen Shellen
Jerry Levine
Andrew Dice Clay
Mary Gross
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