A sometimes gross, no-pose-barred rap-culture satire. CB4, aka Cell Block 4, are a trio of hip-hopping young-bloods stage-named Stab Master Arson, Mad Mike and MC Gusto, the last Afrocentric played by the splendid co-writer Chris Rock, who provides most of the threesome's music. CB4 is not, however, in the Spinal Tap league, lacking that film's merciless detail and consistency. But in parts it is hugely, monstrously funny; and with guest cameos from the likes of Ice T, Ice Cube, basketball's Shaquille O'Neal, Eazy E and Flavor Flav, and a first-rate soundtrack from Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, PM Dawn, MC Ren and CB4 themselves, it will be an undoubted winner with the people who count.

By: SGr

Release details

Duration: 89 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Tamra Davis
Screenwriter: Bob Locash, Chris Rock, Nelson George
Cast: Chris Rock
Allen Payne
Deezer D
Chris Elliott
Phil Hartman
Charlie Murphy
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