Film, Action and adventure
A Western, passably well handled by Gordon Douglas, but scripted (by Richard Jessup from his own novel) along such well-beaten tracks that you can almost sing along to it. Rod Taylor is the roving gunfighter who understands that the Indians are on the warpath only because they're hungry; John Mills is the army officer stubbornly insisting on doing things by the book; the company at the fort he commands, because he has a Fatal Flaw, is composed exclusively of drunks, card-sharps and cut-throats; and of course there is a long-lost love (Paluzzi) conveniently turning up to cover the romantic angle. A cliché is found for every occasion, except perhaps the end, when everybody (with the possible exception of Taylor) gets killed off in the Indian attack.

By: TM

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105 mins

Cast and crew

Gordon Douglas
Richard Jessup
Rod Taylor
John Mills
Ernest Borgnine
Luciana Paluzzi
James Whitmore
Louis Hayward
Angela Dorian
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