Equino uses the old neo-realist ploy of overlapping four separate stories, each dealing with a person from a different social stratum, to illustrate the shaping forces, economic and political, of the four lives. A rural Indian boy is sold to a market stallholder in La Paz; a cholo boy turns to petty crime; a petit-bourgeois civil servant dies on his Friday night respite from the daily grind; a rich student is torn between radicalism and her family's wishes. She opts for safety, and is the film's final, most obvious, example of its main topic: the political compromises, knowing and unknowing, by which we undo ourselves. CPea.

By: CPea

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Duration: 86 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Antonio Equino
Screenwriter: Oscar Soria
Cast: Néstor Yujra
Edmundo Villarroel
David Santalla
Tatiana Aponte
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