Ciao! Manhattan

Film, Documentaries
Two attempts at a movie spliced uneasily into one. A sort of mystery thriller shot in black-and-white and set in New York in the 1960s with Sedgwick, Holzer, Viva and other 'superstars' of the era, is combined with a colour study of the very deranged and desperate Edie in 197l, living out her last days (she died at 28 soon after the shooting) in her parents' house in California. The result is a mess. On the other hand, the ensuing confusion is in keeping with Edie's own disordered existence in her increasing drug dependency, and the contrasts (and continuities) between the '70s woman with the swollen silicon breasts and the elfin magnetic personality of the '60s are deeply disturbing.

By: MH

Release details

Duration: 92 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John Palmer, David Weisman
Screenwriter: John Palmer, David Weisman
Cast: Edie Sedgwick
Wesley Hayes
Isabel Jewell
Jane Holzer
Roger Vadim
Paul America
Christian Marquand
Allen Ginsberg
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