Circle of Danger

Film, Thrillers
An underrated film-maker whose best work (I Walked with a Zombie, Build My Gallows High) truly reached the heights, Jacques Tourneur came to Britain for the first time to put together this military conspiracy thriller, adapted by Philip Macdonald from his own novel. It's one of his more routine assignments, however, as Milland returns from the States to investigate his younger brother's death - although the authorities maintain he was killed in action, the testimony of some of his platoon's survivors suggests a very different course of events. Good camerawork by Ossie Morris and fascinating use of the Scottish and Welsh locations.

By: TJ

Release details

Duration: 86 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jacques Tourneur
Screenwriter: Philip MacDonald
Cast: Naughton Wayne
Hugh Sinclair
Ray Milland
Dora Bryan
Marius Goring
Patricia Roc
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